You’ve Got 88 Days

You’ve got 88 days…

What you do with it is up to you.

What am I talking about?

Today is October 4th.  Which means there are 88 days left in this year (89 if you include today).

I know from experience… a LOT can happen in 88 days.

In less time than that I’ve watched hundreds of clients transform their businesses, change their lives, and go from 6-figures…

… To 7-figures, multiple 7-figures, and even 8-figures in annual income.

Why am I telling you this?


With a few months left in the year people tend to start coasting a bit.  And mentally their thoughts shift to next year’s goals.

Subconsciously they’re thinking there “might not be enough time left” to hit big goals this year — better to “start fresh” with the new year.

Because humans love nice clean start and finish dates…

We want to start things on Monday, or the 1st of the month… or the 1st of the year (which turns into next week, next month, or next year).

Except life doesn’t wait.

And neither do your goals.  The best time to start anything is NOW.

Successful people know this.  They know success comes from taking imperfect action at imperfect times.

So that’s my message to you — start now, even if the timing or circumstances aren’t perfect.

What’s one thing YOU want to accomplish by the end of the year? (It doesn’t have to be business or income related).

Maybe you want to drop a couple pant sizes, start meditating, or improve an important relationship in your life…

Maybe you want to start making another $20k per month…

You’ve got 88 days to do it, that’s tons of time!

Don’t push it off for 2022… that’s next year.  Go after your goals right now.

Now, if your goals do involve increasing your income — and improving your relationship with your partner and family by working less…

That’s exactly what my Disciplined Entrepreneur Live Workshop is for.

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So we can help you overcome your biggest obstacles and give you the BEST systems for mastering your time, business, and life.

If that piques your interest…

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You got this,
Craig Ballantyne

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