You’re A Business Owner Thinking Of Movin’ On!

Are you considering leaving your network marketing company?

If so, here’s my best advice.

Advice to Network Marketers Who Want To Leave Their Company To Join Another

If you’re in a company but you have seen another company’s product that you really like and you think it may impact more lives, should you leave your company?

I’m not saying you never leave a company ever.  I’m not saying that.  But I think a lot of times people leave a company maybe too soon or maybe for the wrong reasons.

First at all, if it’s a product that you really like, can you take other companies’ products yourself?  Totally.  Totally, no question.  One phrase that we always say is, the grass is always greener until it’s time to mow.

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Know that the work you need to do over here is the same work that you’re going to have to do over there.  It’s the same work.  Love of product is NOT an indicator of if you’ll be successful or not.

I saw a great interview with a guy who was speaking wisdom.  He said, “You don’t have to love the product but you have to love the process.”

This might sound weird but … loving the product actually isn’t a requirement.

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Is it a bonus?  Totally.  Is it a great thing?  Yes, for sure.  But let me tell you;

  • I have a friend that built a $10-million-a-year software company that doesn’t like software.
  • I have one friend that built a $5-million-a-year cleaning business, doesn’t care to clean, doesn’t like the cleaning business, he just simply saw a need in the marketplace and fulfilled that need.
  • I know another guy, built a human resources software company to $28-million-a-year and it’s not his passion, it’s not his passion but he understands business.  He understands that the market-place had a need, had a problem and he solved that problem.

So, it’s not a requirement for you to absolutely love the product.  And loving the product isn’t an indication of success.

Should You Take Another Network Marketing Product?

Now should you take the product?  Sure, if you wanna take the product.
Great ProductsWe take lots of products.  There are lots of products were exposed to throughout our network marketing career.  I would prefer to support a network marketer than I would go to GNC.

We buy a lot of network marketing products.  We don’t promote them, we don’t build them as businesses.  You can love something without promoting it as your business but just under-stand that it depends on what your goals are.

You said, “I’ll be able to impact more people.”

Well could you just choose to impact more people with your current company, couldn’t you?  Because I’m telling you, just because a product is hot or amazing, or awesome, that rarely indicates that someone is going to be able to impact more people with them because it’s the same work.  The grass is always greener until it’s time to mow.  It’s the same work.

You gotta reach out to people, you gotta follow up with people, you gotta get people on presentations, or get people on videos or get people samples or whatever.  It’s going to be the same work.

Something that I heard Mark Yarnell say, “There’s a big difference between 10 one-year careers and one 10-year career.”  Big difference.

I know a lot of people that would be much further along had they not jumped to so many different companies.  When I didn’t understand this profession, I jumped to a lot of different companies too.
I didn’t understand.

Too many rabbits
Too Many Rabbits

I thought I should be in a trench coat.  “Hey you want this or you want this?  Which one you want?”
I didn’t understand.
I thought it was about the transaction.  I was operating like a salesperson versus building the community, building the culture and building long term depth and community and culture which is the people that make the real money.  If you do love the product, yeah there’s a possibility that you’ll promote it more.
But if you are in love with the process you will beat all of them that love the product but are not addicted to the process.

If you’re addicted to the process, if you’re addicted to the work, if you’re addicted to doing Facebook Lives, if you’re addicted to doing presentations, if you’re addicted to following up, if you’re addicted to reaching out to people.  If you’re addicted to the process, you’ll beat all the people that love the product more than you do.  It is the process, that is what builds the business and you get to choose.

What's Your Cause
What’s Your Cause Today?
Roll It Into Your Passion

Well guess what, you can take the money that you make from the thing you’re not passionate about and roll it into your passion.

This week, we were the proud main sponsors of the March of Dimes’ big annual event and helped raised $70,000.  We were the top sponsors for them, so you can take the thing that you may not be that passionate about, make lots of money by being addicted to the process and roll it into something that you are passionate about.

Maybe you are passionate about helping single moms or disabled veterans or putting a roof on your church or to raise money for March of Dimes or Make a Wish or whatever, the Operation Underground Railroad, that’s another one we support.
You can take the thing that you may not be that passionate about it you’re addicted to the process and you run, right?  You do the work, you mow the grass, then you can take the money you make and go be passionate about whatever you want.
Maybe you’re passionate about taking your wife on a vacation.  You can do whatever you want, but it is the process.

It is not, “I love the product so much that I just magically floated up the rank advancement ladder,”  that is not the deal, it is never the deal.

And there will always be people that wanna hammer their team and say you gotta be a product of the product, you gotta be a testimony.  I prefer you to be that, it’s just not a requirement.  I’ve seen lots of people not like a product and build a humongous business inside network marketing, outside network marketing.

Now should you be a product of the product if you can?  Certainly.  Should you love the product if you can?  Absolutely.  But is it a requirement?  That’s the question and the answer to that is no.

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