Words That Get People Excited About Your Products or Business

In this post, myself and Tanya Aliza share the best sales tips so you can get your interested people excited to hear more about your products, service and yes, even your business.

It’s frustrating, isn’t it?

You share your products or services and people don’t pay any attention or they just don’t get what you’re talking about.

Stop the struggle and get your prospects to pay attention with some of these awesome sales tips!

Here’s the thing; Your prospects are only thinking one thing…‘What’s in it for me?”

Once you understand that, you’ll be way more effective in your prospecting efforts.

In this Episode of Tanya Aliza TV, Tanya shows you exactly WHAT TO SAY to your prospects so that they’ll:

  • Ask to learn more about your products, service or business

And most importantly…

You’ll avoid looking sales or pushy 😉

Sales Tips – Exactly What To Say To Get Your Prospects Interested & Excited About Your Products Or Business – Episode 101

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This week, since we’re talking about speaking to your prospects needs, wants and desires, I’ve put together 10 Benefits That Will Speak To The Needs, Wants And Desires Of Anyone Looking To Join A Business.

You can use these the next time you approach a prospect about your business so that their level of interest will be high and they’ll be excited about continuing in the conversation with you about joining your business.

People don’t care about your products, services or business features.  Instead, they only want to know how it will benefit THEM.

Even if you have the best ingredients, statistics, facts or features on planet earth…

What they care about is the benefits AND how it helps THEM.

In other words, they only care about what it can specifically do to help them go from an unwanted situation or condition to one that they do desire.


If you really want your prospects to get excited then you need to speak to the needs, wants and desires that they have.

Sales Tips – Start talking benefits – Stop talking features

Now I’m going to help you figure out the features and benefits of your products.

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Now let’s go ahead and put this in action with your products or services.

Grab a notebook and divide a page in half and on one side write features and on the other side benefits.

Follow along as I’m going to give you some examples to help you do this for your business.

Sales Tips – Benefits Example #1

Let’s say you’re in the health and wellness industry and you have A Simple 3 Step System that helps people with Weight Loss.

Feature: A Simple 3 Step System

If you tell your prospect that your product is amazing because it’s a simple 3 step system there going to…


That’s a feature.

It doesn’t really interest your prospect or tell them how it will benefit them.

So think of the benefit of having a simple 3 step system and who this would be ideal for?

Benefit: An easy weight loss plan for the busy people who don’t have time to mess around with complicated diets or weight loss plans.

Clearly, this would help a busy person that’s always on the go.

So you would say to them;

‘“Our simple 3 step system can help you lose weight without the gruesome work of counting calories or creating complex recipes that take hours to prepare.”

If that’s your prospect you’ll have their full attention.

Sales Tips – Benefits Example #2

Let’s say you’re in the beauty industry and you have an anti-wrinkle cream.

Feature: Reduce fine lines and wrinkles

Let’s say you tell your prospect; “Our product will help you reduce fine lines and wrinkles”

While that’s an end goal for sure it’s still not compelling enough for your prospect to want to even listen.

Benefit: Make your friends jealous and be the center of attention at your next ladies night out as they all want to know how you keep your skin looking so vibrant and youthful.

C’mon ladies! You know that’s the best part about having youthful looking skin … LOL

And we can go even deeper with this by asking…

Sales Tips – What is the benefit of the benefit of the benefit?

  • Confidence
  • Feeling attractive
  • Feeling youthful

As you can see, when we go deep we get to the CORE of what people really want.

In this example, it’s not fine lines and wrinkles … it’s the feelings they’ll feel once they don’t have the fine lines and wrinkles.

I promise that if you do this you will have so many awesome conversations and tons more fun too!

It’s also going to cause a shift inside of you because you’re helping people instead of selling … which doesn’t feel very good.

Sales Tips – Let’s Face It… No One Wants To Come Across As Salesy

And when you feel you’re being salesy you feel crummy inside.

But when you’re getting deep down to the core of what people really want and positioning yourself as the solution provider you’ll actually feel great about what you do.

And people will notice and feel it too and they’ll gravitate towards you.

People need to see the vision of what your products or services can do for them.

Your job is to paint that vision.

Want to get REALLY good at listing the benefits of your business?

Click on the yellow button below so you can download this week’s free resource and start getting your prospects excited about your business and joining your team.

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That’s All FOLKS!!!

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