Why is nobody Interacting with my FB Business

Do you post on Facebook about your business and find that when you do nobody is engaging with your posts?

There is a pretty simple reason actually and it’s that people don’t come to social media to hear about business.

They come to social media to get this…… “Socialize”.

I know…. big revelation huh?  LOL

But it’s true.

Still to this day when I get a friend request or I connect with someone on Facebook I can always tell what they are about just by what they post on Facebook.

Guide To Social EngagementSo the key question is…

How do you drum up interest for your business on Facebook if people aren’t there for business reasons?

That’s the exact reason I put together a cool PDF that you can download, print off and keep at your desk of 15 copy and paste post templates called…

“The Networkers Guide To Social Engagement”

I also put together a 14 minute training video that reviews the PDF and shows you the best way to use it daily for your business.

The key with places like Facebook is posting to get engagement and then begin the conversation from there.

It’s not hard really, you just need some proven ways to get people talking … er … chatting … LOL


These copy and paste social media posts work and are designed to help you get conversations going that eventually lead to a conversation about your business.

If you are a network marketer, then you know how crucial building relationships is for the success of your business.  Building know, like, and trust is one of the key components to signing up more people in whatever business you are building.

Drawing #2These posts are not designed to mention your business at all on purpose.  However, if you have a little forethought ahead of time, you can think of the path you want to lead people down based upon some of the potential responses.  One of the keys to success on social media is creating curiosity with your posts and in turn getting likes, comments, and shares.

Your goal is to respond to all comments with an open-ended question.  Doing this will get conversation going and potentially lead you down a path to talk about your business.

▶  How do you feel when you __________?  Answer in GIF’s Only.  Ready Go….☺
▶  _______: Do you love it or hate it?
▶  If you found a _______ worth $10,000 and you couldn’t find the owner what would you do?
▶  If you could give your younger self advice what would it be?
▶  What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word ________?
▶  When was the last time you __________?
▶  If you could go to any __________, where would you go?
▶  I am looking to dive into a new book, what do you recommend?
▶  When you die how do you want people to remember you?
▶  How old were you when you ______________?
▶  If you had an extra _________ every day to get things done what would you do?
▶  In just 5 words sum up your __________?
▶  Let’s have some fun.  Post the last picture you took on your phone.  Ready….go…
▶  I need your help!  What is your best tip for ______________?
▶  What is the one thing you wish you did more consistently for ______________?

Below are a few examples of posts where I used these swipes above on a Facebook Business Page.  Just in case you are not aware, organic reach on pages is all but non-existent.  BUT, in using these swipes, you can see that a page with 36,000 likes still gets great engagement, with these types of posts.

Example Post #1:

Drawing #3As you can see this post below got 46 comments on a Facebook business page.  These are 46 new potential customers or even reps in my business.

You can see by the post I made here that I could easily bring this around to my business by simply commenting back and building rapport.

Example Post #2:

Drawing #4This post below was when the lotto jackpot was over $1 billion and there was a ton of chatter on Facebook about it.  I simply asked this question and got 23 comments.

This was a great opportunity to ask them if they were open to creating their own future and not relying on winning the lottery to do it.  See where I am going here?☺  This is how you bring it back to business.

Example Post #3:

Drawing #5This is a great question to ask.  As you can see this post got 87 comments on my Facebook Page.  Pretty incredible huh?  I think it’s pretty clear now, based upon folks answers, how you could start a conversation and move it toward your business right?


So there you go.  Take this swipe file and use it.  You only get results when you take action and THESE POSTS WORK!

Now that you have these osts, the next step is to automate some of this process and use Facebook messenger to get massive exposure.

Does the thought of “Automated Prospecting” get you excited?  If so then get registered for my upcoming webinar that will show you how to combine two of Facebook’s most powerful tools and get up to 5-10 new leads every day.

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You rock,

Mark Harbert

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Talk Soon… 😉

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