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Happy Thanksgiving!

I for one am grateful for YOU.

I saw this amazing meme the other day that suggested that 2020 should be added to the list of curse words.

“2020 off.”
“I don’t give a 2020.”
Yup.  That one gave me a chuckle.

As small business owners — we have been through a LOT this year.  So I ask of you:

Give yourself grace if your numbers are down.  You’ll make it up in 2021.

Give yourself permission to relax over the next few days.  You deserve it.

Allow yourself to stop THINKING, TALKING and WORRYING about your business, just for today.  You can always bring it back tomorrow!

And mostly, give yourself credit.  We went through a pandemic this year and so much more.

And you survived, maybe even thrived at times.

You deserve a pat on the back, or an extra glass of wine, some more time in front of the TV, and a piece of pie (maybe two).

Happy Thanksgiving!

PS: If you need to get away from your family on Saturday or Sunday — I did shoot a 38 minute video for you on what it really takes to get wealthy — check it out here!

Sending all my love,

Oh!  Lest I forget…

As mentioned before, your Planner will probably not reach you by the planning day on December 5th.  But here’s a PDF file of all the pages Monica will be referring to, so that you can still benefit from the planning day.

Not only will we make your 90-day goals together, you’ll also learn how to…

  • do it yourself for the future
  • break them into monthly and weekly goals
  • plan out your weeks and your days, so you can stay on track
  • track your most important business numbers (so you can light the fire under your butt and KEEP it lit!)
  • set up the most successful day + reflect on your day in the evening to create even more success the next day

Can’t wait to help you create your next 90-Day Plan!

With much appreciation,

Monica Shah
Monica Shah





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