Time Management For The Soul


52 Questions that lead to more money & time

Time Management For The Soul

*Important Skills:

    • Listening to your sixth senses to trust your inner voices
    • Managing fear with love
    • Managing your time + Overcoming resistance

*Exercise — Resistance

    • Listen to the call for this one

“The more we recognize resistance, the more spiritually aware we are.  It allows us to take a breath in the moment and make decisions based on what we really want – not from a place of fear.”

[ Pause, Monica Shah, pg. 15 ]

*What do you want?

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to do it.  All that matters is that you are moving closer to what you want.”

*Exercise – Your Perfect Day

Listen to the call

*Exercise – Floors 12 and 13

Listen to the call



10 minutes of meditation – Apps:

      • Headspace
      • Insight Timer

Morning writing

      • Write your intentions (see below)

Visualize your intentions
Light a candle
Ask for help in any way that feels clear and fun to you.

      • “I call in my highest and most accomplished guides that can serve me to create my goals with grace and ease and speed.  I let go of all that is getting in.”

*How to Write Your Intentions:

*Overall energy to put into the world:

Today l Am Being:

*Money goal:

I am generating X dollars in the next 90 days.

*Action goals for 90 days (no more than 3):

I am putting X people into Y program by A date.
I am attracting 3 new clients by A date.
I am creating an amazing new website by A date.

*Evening Ritual

Must stop and let go mentally for 5-10 minutes at least.


Incorporate at least one to two into your weeknights

long walks
sound baths or sound healing
deep conversation
massages or other body work
therapy or coaching
classes that do not apply to work (art, dance, improv)
inspiring, uplifting movies
fun books

Checking Your Plate:

*Do a time journal – evaluate what is working and not working

*What do you need to do:

Delete – take it off your list
Defer – do it later
Delegate – have someone else do it
Decide – make a decision on something

*Energy Check:

What are you worried about?
What is annoying you?
What are you thinking about?
What conversations are you avoiding?
Is anyone or anything hurting your feelings?

Important Tools

*Team Meeting/Check-in

Check in on skype or g-chat or have meeting

*Focus on tasks on hand

Tools to help with focus:

Timer — great for keeping you on task:

      • Ultrak Timer (amazon)
      • Focus Bar App – great for keeping you focused on one thing and reminding you of that focus: http://focusbarapp.com/
      • Focus Music – this music uses binaural beats to keep you focused and on task: https://www.focusatwill.com
      • Focus App – this blocks sites that you don’t want to visit and keeps you on a timer: https://heyfocus.com

Organizing Your Week


Revenue Generating Activities

    • Write newsletter
    • Book speaking events, ask for speaking events
    • Schedule and look for networking events
    • Ask for and book sales conversations
    • Schedule conversations with joint venture and referral partners
    • Create your top 10 list of connections for this week


    • Work on client/product work
    • Sales Conversations
    • Fulfillment
    • Speaking, networking, etc


    • Work on client/product work
    • Sales Conversations
    • Fulfillment
    • Speaking, networking, etc


    • Work on client/product work
    • Sales Conversations
    • Fulfillment
    • Speaking, networking, etc


    • Meetings
    • Sales Conversations
    • Fulfillment
    • Speaking, networking, etc

Your Action Plan:

*Use the morning ritual each day! & End your day with letting go

*Step into being a sixth sensory human being

*Start to understand your fears instead of resisting them

*Ask yourself, “What would l do if l had no fear?” every morning out loud

*Make sure to include soul time into your day and week

*Organize your time and your days

*Exercise Radical Self Care

Monica Shah
Monica Shah






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