The Essential Activity For A Healthy Business

So you’ve been hearing a LOT about planning and my NEW 90-Day Breakthrough Planner and it is essential that you get one.  Because we’ll be filling out the planner together during the Breakthrough Planner day on December 5th!  How awesome is that?

You get a planner + you get a live day to fill it out step by step!

Now that’s a steal for just $32!

One of the elements in the 90-Day Breakthrough Planner is a Business Dashboard.



Now this section often intimidates even experienced entrepreneurs…

But having a dashboard is ESSENTIAL — whether you are using my planner or not — so I wanted to make sure that I taught you about it.

This page can look rather confusing the first few times you see it.

Here’s what I love about the Business Dashboard…


Because when we aren’t looking at real numbers, it’s way too easy to think the business is doing better or worse than it actually is.

So allow me to walk you through it…

First you are going to simply choose 4 metrics you want to track this month.

Every business model is different — a coach is going to track different numbers than a software company.  So you have to choose which metrics are important to the health of your business.

Some metrics I suggest are:

  • New Sales (you can write down the number of new sales, or the dollar amount)
  • Repeat Sales (from people who have bought from you in the past)
  • Invitations to Sales Conversations (I call these “Asks”)
  • Sales Conversations
  • Conversion Rate (how many people say Yes, compared to how many you tried to sell; this is important in understanding how many people you need to talk to before you can expect a sale)
  • Email List Size
  • Profit
  • Expenses

Once you’ve chosen your metrics, write them across the top of the page.  Either in your Breakthrough Planner or in a notebook — whatever you choose to use.

Then create a “Monthly Target,” with your monthly goal for each of those metrics. (Make these easy goals for the first month or so.  You can start stretching yourself later on.)

Then, go ahead and fill out the dates for each week if you are using the planner.

Or if you are doing it on your own, put the weeks below your monthly target.

Okay, great!  Your Business Dashboard is now set up.

Next, you’ll track these metrics each week.  At the end of the month, you’ll tally them up to see if you’ve hit your targets or not.

At first, simply tracking these metrics is enough.

Eventually, though, the goal is for you to notice when you’re falling behind and to take steps to get back on track before the end of the month.

Again, if this makes your head spin, that’s OK!

Everything is unfamiliar before it becomes familiar.

The key to tracking is that it tells you the TRUTH.  It is essential that we learn to stop analyzing our business from an emotional place and instead move into a place of numbers.

Once we can do this, we are truly FREE.

And we finally have a business that we control instead of feeling like our success is up to the “money gods” or a “good month.”

So go create your breakthrough dashboard today or purchase your Breakthrough Planner here.

And if you do purchase the Breakthrough Planner — we’ll be filling our planners out together on my Breakthrough Planner day on December 5th.  So come join us! And I’ll walk you step by step in how to use the planner every day, week and month.

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Monica Shah

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