Simple Is ALWAYS Better

Check out many FB marketing groups, and you’ll see people bragging about how HARD they work.

But in online marketing, most people doing the ‘hard’ work are HARDLY making any money.

They’re busy creating dozens of websites, products & videos … Spending HOURS per day juggling a dozen different traffic sources … They always seem “just about” to make a breakthrough … But you never hear about their results.

In reality, banking online is WAY easier than all of that.

The money is in the news.

Sites like The Huffington Post, Mashable & Techcrunch make over $10K PER day … WITHOUT selling a thing.

Same formula works for independent marketers – dozens of people with simple sites make 3-4 figures in pure profits every day of the week.


A huge majority of people get their news online and thanks to regular updates … news is the new ‘addiction’ – people need their fix multiple times per day.


Websites that share trending news attract VIRAL traffic … And make their owners money JUST when people click on an ads & passive offers.

To your success,
Eric Helmut

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