Seven Dates You Should Consider (Pt. 3)

…Putting in Your Calendar!

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Hey there!  February’s speeding by like a train off the tracks – I can’t believe we’re already on part 3 of my strategic planning for entrepreneurs series!  The best thing I did for myself was taking that first week of January to really sit and plan out the year.  We’ve got all of 2020 mapped out, and I have to tell you – it’s really taken down the stress quite a bit.  I hope you’ve been using this Strategic Planning for Entrepreneurs Series to help you get started with your planning too.

Let’s start with why planning is so important.  Here’s what it has created for me: 

  • Focused learning My plan has allowed me to create a learning plan for myself.  Since I know what I am launching this year and what I’d like to improve, I can focus in on the courses and books that will support me the most in those areas.
  • Finding events that work – I’ve been able to get a head start in finding sponsorships and speak-ing events since I know exactly what numbers I’m trying to hit and when are the best times to travel.
  • Getting booked to be a speaker  Most organizations start booking their calendars with speakers 6-12 months ahead of time – planning allows me to get on those calendars.
  • Delegating more and doing less – Because I know what’s coming, I can find the right team members to support me.

Now if you’re reading this and starting to worry that you didn’t quite get your planning done.  Or better yet, you’re thinking, “Monica, you’re driving me crazy!  I’m not a planner.”  Never fear.  I’m here to help!

First off – please know that you’ve still got plenty of time to get ahead on the year.  Second – I’d love to make it easier for you to get started.

First, you want to start by looking at 2020 as a whole.  To do that get a big dry erase calendar that you can put on your wall.  You can buy them at Amazon.

Next, you want to start plugging in dates on that calendar (ignore any that don’t relate to your business right now):

First block out the important big rocks – these are experiences with your family and vacations:

  1.  Blockout any family trips you would like to take – this includes visiting family, taking family members on vacation or having family members visit you.
  2.  Blockout any family obligations that are coming up for you – things like swim competitions, dance recitals, etc.
  3.  Blockout VACATIONS!  I suggest at least two weeks during the year and a week at Christmas and Thanksgiving.
  4.  Blockout quarterly meetings with your team to review your plans.  These meetings can be virtual or in person.
  5.  Blockout business events that you will be hosting.
  6.  Blockout any business travel. meet Monica Shah
  7.  Blockout launch periods of new products or services.

Don’t panic!  These are just placeholders.  When it comes to strategic planning for entrepreneurs – you must allow yourself to make guesses and create estimates.  You don’t have to commit to them forever.  This type of calendar blocking is a fantastic way to make sure that you have made time for the most important components of your life + your business.

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Oh – and be sure that you are in our FB group – I’m doing a video every week this month on different aspects of strategic planning for entrepreneurs.  I want to make sure you WIN this year.  The videos come out on Mondays and Wednesdays.  Join the group here.

Love to you!

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