(marketing with webinars) Like You’ve Probably Never Seen Before

I just saw a marketing webinar that was so different, so engaging and so powerful that I really felt compelled to share it with you.

The presenter is multiple best-selling marketing author, Tom Poland.

If you want a taste of just how engaging his webinar is, check out this 3-minute video:

At this Live Interactive Virtual Event (L.I.V.E.) Tom demonstrates how to generate a high-quality flow of new client inquiries in less than one hour a month by marketing with webinars and his method works even if you:new book 3D

  • Have no email list
  • Have no idea how to attract audiences
  • Have no budget for advertising your webinars
  • Have no idea of how to put together the content for you webinar

Tom will show you how to make all those obstacles disappear so you can enjoy the peace of mind and prosperity that comes from being a respected and in-demand expert.

Who L.I.V.E. is ideal for:

  • Professionals who offer advice, service or software where your average sale price is a thousand dollars or more

What you’ll discover when you attend L.I.V.E.:

One of the paradigm shattering moments in Tom’s L.I.V.E. event is the part where he hands you the “remote control” and invites you to vote on which audience-captivating and revenue-generating methods you want him to teach you.

You’ll get to choose from…

  • Leadsology® Book CoverThe OPN Method: how to attract quality Audiences of hundreds every month without spending a dime.
  • The Concept Conveyor: how to create content that your Audience will love because it’s so engaging, so valuable and so memorable (this is a simple six step formula).
  • The “N.R. Policy”: how to enjoy attendance rates that are the envy of marketers the world over.
  • The Wedge: how to more than double the sales from you webinars with a simple follow up sequence (it’s almost certain that you’ve never seen anything like this before).
  • The Water Filter: how to have prospects self-qualify so you only meet one on one with high quality prospects.
  • The Persuasion Sequence: a template for creating content that is not only interesting but also motivates the right attendee to reach and book a time to talk with you about becoming a client.
  • The Concept Conveyor: Tom’s proprietary recipe for getting your ideas embedded deeply into the mind of any audience (an easy-to-follow, six-part, webinar-specific formula).
  • The Multi-Directional Consult: a simple method for maximizing the revenue potential of every consult.

Tom only does these L.I.V.E. event once a month and the next one is going down in around 5 days time … but please note that Tom has a “no replay” policy so you will need to attend live.

Click here to register – L.I.V.E. demo of marketing with webinars

The demo will take 90 minutes and then Tom will host a Q&A.

If you have anything else booked for the time of this training, then move it.

I’m serious.

This may well be the most valuable time you’ll invest all year.

I mention that because Tom says that this is the biggest lead generation breakthrough for professionals in his lifetime (and he’s been doing this for 37 years).

–DavidDavid Newman



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