Identifying Your Struggle

Have you ever stopped to think how struggle may be your identity?

If you struggle with relationships…

You struggle with finances…

You struggle with self-esteem…

You struggle to let go of the past…

You struggle EVERYWHERE.

So, isn’t it time to confront your mental struggle?

Struggle can be an identity if not diagnosed.  It becomes a way of life.  Subconsciously, struggle becomes inevitable.  Struggle is a dark energy that takes a lot of effort.  It feels heavy and exhausting.

So how can you diagnose the root of your struggle?

Ask yourself, “What am I resisting?”

Resistance is force.  You can’t force yourself to succeed and in force, you are in a state of suffering.

One of my clients had struggled a lot with her health.  She had back pain that resulted in spinal fusion surgery as well as gut issues.  For 8 years of her life, she lived with extreme physical pain.  One day, she had a breakthrough.  She uncovered the mind-body connection to the stuffed emotions that were keeping her held down.  She made a decision to no longer live in force, or in the past.  She let go and let God.

She became committed to embrace the struggle and immediately her health issues began to rapidly dissolve.  This is what happens when you breakthrough the non physical emotional state of anxiety.  You step into a conscious state where you just “know.”

In “know,” you don’t doubt, you don’t procrastinate, and you only control what you can control.  You don’t worry and you don’t stress.  When you understand how your body and mind have been operating, you can put your hands on the controls and begin to navigate in a whole new direction.

Jeffery Combs

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