How To Stop Stepping Over Dollars

Did you know Oprah’s family was so poor she wore potato sacks to school as a kid?

She suffered regular beatings from her grandmother, and was sexually abused at the age of 9.

And yet … Somehow, she not only survived but thrived … At just 19 years old, she became the youngest and first African-American female news anchor at Nashville’s WLAC-TV … Forty years later she runs a media empire and has built a $2.6 billion dollar fortune.

To get where she is now Oprah relied on incredible mental resilience and built tremendous discipline.  One of her greatest disciplines – which allows her to protect her time and accomplish more of what matters – is saying NO.  I was talking with a client last week – “You are performing like a Lion,” I told him.

“BUT you are NOT leading like a lion… because you insist on doing everything yourself.”

“This cannot last… you will burnout.”

“You must become the ‘Aggressive NO-prah’ of your life,” I said.  Oprah probably says NO more than any other person on the planet.  Does that make her a bad person?  Of course not.  It actually makes her a better, more impactful person.

Oprah aggressively says no to things that don’t matter, and to the actions that someone else can do … so that Oprah only does what only Oprah can do.  When you look at it that way, you realize that in your business, you shouldn’t be doing much more than thinking, motivating, delegating, and selling.

And NEVER, ever say these 5 words: “I’ll just do it myself.”

When you do it yourself you will lose more money than you could have saved.  Ban those words from your vocabulary.  Oprah has.  You must commit to finding someone else to do the $10 an hour tasks … So that you can do what only you can do in the business … Sell.

Generate leads.  Grow the revenues – and keep the profits.  Build the strategy and tactics for people to implement so you sell more – and more often.  That’s how you stop stepping over dollars to pick up dimes.  Don’t get sucked into video editing or doing tech work.

There are people 100X’s better than you ready, willing and able to do the work… and easily found on,, or

Please stop stepping over dollars to pick up dimes.

To help you get started … Here’s 3 quick tips on How to be a “NO-prah”:

1. Delegate

Eliminate or DelegateAssign the tasks that aren’t in your zone of genius.

If you are not an IT expert, accountant, or funnel wizard (and you’re not trying to become one) … Then WHY would you submit yourself to the punishment of trying to perform those tasks?  They’ll take you twice as long as they should, burning even more of your time.

You end up having to do things 2 or 3 times over … You risk making mistakes that could cost you money … And your results will be mediocre at best.

Save yourself the time.  Build a team or outsource tasks to a professional whenever possible.  Use the sites above to find someone online … Or simply ask around.

I connect my clients with professional services all the time (I am known as The Godfather by my clients, after all 😉

2. Eliminate

Certain tasks need to happen but contribute nothing to your growth or your income.  I highly recommend eliminating tedious time consuming chores.  Things like cleaning, cooking food, or mowing the lawn.  I ruthlessly eliminate these activities because they do not benefit me in any way.

One gentleman argued with me, saying he enjoyed mowing the lawn as it allowed him time to decompress and space to think.  Well I think that’s great – if there’s a chore like this you enjoy that’s totally fine.

But my friend was missing the point … This is strictly about giving you more time to focus on what moves your business forward … So if 40 minutes cutting the grass each week helps you think up new offers and ideas – more power to you!

… but if those 40 minutes are a nuisance… it’s time to delegate.

3. When in Doubt…

paolo-nicolello-hKVg7ldM5VUIf you’re not sure if you should be spending time on something, always start by asking yourself:

Is this helping serve my goals?  Or taking away from them?

If the answer is taking away, stop that activity immediately.  If the answer is that it’s helping, follow with the next question:

Do I need to be doing this?  Or could someone else do it as good or better for me?


I understand saying NO can be difficult to get used to … Especially if you’re a people pleaser or are scared you’ll “miss an opportunity.”

But you must recognize you simply cannot please everybody … In fact, attempting to do so is a sure way to fail.

And I promise … By saying NO to more things… you’ll have more time and clarity to capitalize on the opportunities that really matter.

To your success,
Craig Ballantyne

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