How To Start Following Your Intuition Over Your Voices Of Fear

Over the last few months we’ve had a lot more time for reflection.  To STOP and be quiet for once.

And I don’t know about you – but the voices in my head are going crazy!  Some of them with good thoughts and some with not so good thoughts.

And as we move forward in the year – I thought it might be a good time to write about noticing the difference between the voice of intuition and the voices of fear.

So we can start to recreate, regroup and reassess this year from our soul place instead of the fear place.

Let’s start with the voice of intuition:

The voice of intuition doesn’t talk to you in fear.
She doesn’t tell you to isolate yourself.
She doesn’t give you ultimatums.
She’s not negative.
She doesn’t give you threats.
In fact, the voice of intuition is often quiet.  She comes at still moments in your life.  She offers suggestions, not things that you have to do.
And most of her suggestions will be in the way of expansion, not contraction.

As Your LawyerNow, let’s talk about the voices of fear:

These voices are triggered by our lizard brain – the lizard brain that wants to keep us safe.  The lizard brain that wants to keep us in our comfort zone.

For example, I noticed that one of my voices of fear says “You’re working too hard.  You’re doing too much.  This is too hard.”  But what’s interesting about this voice is that much of what she’s saying doesn’t make any sense.  She’ll tell me I’m tired after I just spent three hours walking through the park.  She’ll tell me to stop working when I’ve just had a day off. That voice isn’t the truth – it’s just a habit.

That’s the first thing I always do with the voices in my head is evaluate whether there’s truth in those voices, whether what they’re saying is something I should listen to.  About 80 to 90% of the time it’s not valid.  Those voices are based in fear.  They’re trying to get me to stop expanding.

Lately I’ve been noticing another voice, one that’s highly critical, one that says things like, “You should have woken up earlier.  You should have done more last night.  You shouldn’t have watched TV for so long.”  And that voice, again, is not really based in reality because none of those things are true.  The voice is just having a tantrum.  Trying to get me to stop.  Trying to get me to worry.

One of the most important pieces of success is learning to not operate from the voices of fear in your head.  To hear them, yes.  To even recognize where they might come from, yes.  But to stop being dictated to by them.  It takes time – but it’s so worth it.  And now in this moment of pause – we have a great opportunity to practice choosing intuition over fear.

How do the voices of fear appear for you?  What do they say?

What are your voices of intuition saying?  How do they show up?

Take some time this week to stop and listen.  And ask yourself – which voices am I acting from?  Do I need to shift that?

And remember this is a work in progress for all of us.

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– Monica

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