How To Make 6-Figures On Social During COVID


Craig Ballantyne here wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving.  (Or as we say here in Canada, Happy Thursday!)  I know many people in America live for this weekend where they get to do whatever they want … with whomever they want … while enjoying some of the best meals of the entire year.

[At least in “normal times”.]

And while time together with family is magical (even if on Zoom!) … Thanksgiving weekend is slightly less of a big deal to people like me (and my business partners and top clients).  The reason is simple … We have more control over our lives and more time off and we get to enjoy more memorable experiences … Because of the systems and strategies we’ve used to build our businesses.  This allows us more opportunities to … Eat delicious meals at 5-star restaurants … travel (first class) to wherever we want … doing things we love every day – with the people we love – in the places we love.

THAT is real freedom.

And the secret to our freedom is simple … We learned how to get the right message in front of the right people so we can solve their problems and sell our products FAST.  But here’s the cool part … We aren’t special.  And achieving freedom like this is possible for anyone who is willing to follow the right system and put in the work.  And in honor of the Holiday season, I want to give you that system.

The Social Story Selling System

Which allows you to fast track your financial freedom with nothing more than some ambition and a smartphone.

If you want to finally have the freedom to:

  • Set your own hours…
  • Earn money from anywhere in the world…
  • Make more time for fun, family, and vacations…
  • Have more income, impact, and influence on the world

This is THE fastest way to get it.  You’ll learn exactly how to launch, grow, and monetize your market so you can generate more income without grinding 60-80 hours a week for someone else.  No more guesswork.  No more “hoping” your content will attract customers … No more wasting time on strategies that aren’t working… or blindly spending a ton of money on Facebook ads that don’t do anything.  You’ll have access to the exact blueprint I’ve used to help over 1,138 “mom and pop” entrepreneurs earn thousands in new revenue – often overnight.

Here’s an overview of everything you’ll get

  • A never-before-seen expert interview with a client who’s making over $177,000 a month through his Instagram
  • My Unstoppable Money Machine system that will teach you how to use my Social Story Selling secrets for ANY social media channel (including LinkedIn)
  • [Bonus] My “Customers on Command” lead generation training (that I share with my 1-on-1 clients) to help you add an extra 500-1000 eager leads into your pipeline in the next 30-days.
  • [Bonus] My “LinkedIn Domination” training where you’ll learn how to tap into the most underrated social media platform to drive an extra $1,000-$5,000 in easy revenue without working more hours.
  • My top 10 HIGHEST grossing Instagram stories of all time that you can “swipe and deploy” immediately to make fast cash in your own business
  • A private Facebook group where you’ll have direct access to me, my personal social media “gurus,” and my top students who are using this system to generate $5K, $20K, and even $50k+/month in a wide variety of industries … from coffee subscriptions to cowboy boots to online nutrition coaching to football strategies

If you will invest in the system and put these strategies to work, you’ll go into 2021 with a business that works for YOU.  You’ll be able to generate income on command from anywhere in the world and earn 3X more profits without working 60-70 hours a week.  And the best part?

You can get started with my system TODAY for 63% OFF and, if you’re a fast action taker, you can easily generate a 3-5X ROI in less than 48 hours (no, I’m not exaggerating).

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To Your Success and Freedom,
Craig Ballantyne

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