Guide on How to Write Better Conversational Copy

Guide on How to Write Better Conversational Copy

September 12, 2020 0 By REW

Conversational copy is writing how you talk.  It’s powerful.  And I love it.  But, I’ve never found it easy.

So I spent the last week trying to get the hang of it.  And I’ve come up with this guide.  Hope you found it useful:

1/ Don’t write AT the reader

Involve the reader in your copy.



2/ Use your customers’ words

It’s the easiest way to get the tone right.


3/ Load up on personal pronouns

People pay attention when you talk directly to them.


4/ Don’t worry about grammar

If you break the rules you’ll sound human.


5/ Start sentences with conjunctions

It flows better.


6/ Don’t persuade

Let the reader be persuaded.


7/ Use contractions

Only academics say “you are”.


8/ Don’t imitate

You’re alive in inverse proportion to the density of cliches in your writing — Nassim Taleb


9/ Ditch the thesaurus

You’re not impressing anyone.


10/ Empathise

Understanding your customer is more important than impressing them.


11/ Respect the competition

It reflects self-confidence.


12/ Don’t try too hard

Customers can see through fake shit.


13/ Tell stories

They’re more memorable than facts and figures.


14/ Read it aloud at the kitchen table

If your partner cringes, rewrite it.


That’s all folks!

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Any questions or other examples, I’ll be in the comments 🙂

[…originally published on Indie Hackers, August 13, 2020]

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