Get More Clients In 12 Minutes

Marketing legend, Dan Kennedy, coined the phrase “Lead Generation Magnet.”

That is typically some form of information that appeals to your best prospects and gets them to “raise their hands” and show that they’re interested in the service you provide.

Your lead magnet can be a PDF report, a book, infographic, etc.

A superior lead generation magnet that is working well right now is a short-form webinar.

Here’s how it works.

  1. Create a short lead generation ad that speaks directly to a hot topic you’re prospects are interested in. (This can be an ad that you use on Google, Facebook, etc.)  The ad drives people to…
  2. A twelve to fifteen-minute video message that delivers excellent information and fulfills the promise of the ad.  The video must also position you as the expert and authority who can help your prospect solve their problem and get their desired outcome.
  3. At the end of the video, you give interested prospects the opportunity to schedule a consultation with you.

My colleague, Dave Dee, a true master at using both short-form and full-length webinars to sell professional services and consulting, put together a “micro-training” video where he goes over his model in detail.

You can watch it for free here.David Newman





p.s. Fun fact: Dave was the Chief Marketing Officer for the company that Dan Kennedy founded.  He created webinars not only to attract customers for Dan’s company but their thousands of clients.

If you want more appointments with prospects who are pre-sold on working with you, can afford your fees, and are motivated to take action immediately, I encourage you to watch Dave’s video here.

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