Doing ‘This’ Entrepreneur Makes Extra $80k A Month

After constantly being sick, Adam was now having severe dizzy spells at the family dinner table.  Thinking he might literally die young from overwork and stress, he started digging for solutions.  That was how I first connected with one of my coaching clients, Adam Pearson.  He’s the owner of a Seattle based accounting firm, as well as a dedicated family man with 3 little boys (ALL under the age of 7!).  Adam was determined to be the superhero father and husband spending lots of quality time with his wife and kids…

All while also working non-stop to rapidly grow his business.  The cost?  He barely slept and his health was deteriorating at an alarming rate.  Luckily, through the magic of the interwebs, Adam stumbled across the Empire Show podcast that I do with Bedros, and my Early to Rise Radio podcast.  He first started to get traction by implementing strategies from my books.  As he puts it:

“The Perfect Week Formula got me on the path to recovery.  There is a way, a methodology, to run your business successfully, be healthy, have a wonderful family life, and dream bigger than you previously thought possible.”

And on the advice of a highly successful friend he respected, and who urged him to get a coach … he enrolled in our program to “compound the gains” and make BIG progress even faster.  And make progress he did.  Here’s what he sent me middle of October:

“My business is making an extra $80,000 a month thanks to your coaching.  We are absolutely crushing October.  I think we will beat our best ever month for new sales by the end of next week.  And we will still have half a month to go!
A bunch of people who turned us down initially have either not been able to find the right person or hired somebody and were unhappy with them.  Since our automation follows up every month after we get turned down, a lot of these people are now giving us a chance.  This shows the importance of being super persistent.  We also have a new senior accountant starting on Monday.  Life is good!”

What’s more, my once dizzy accountant friend now takes Fridays off, has more than tripled his business in the last 12 months, and will easily do over $5 Million in 2021.  In fact… we’ve already discussed increasing his original 2021 goals from $5 Million to $10 Million.  Guiding Adam’s progress has been a privilege, and he’s an inspiring dude to watch.  So I asked him if he’d be willing to do an interview with me, as a guest on Early to Rise Radio.  Adam’s energy is contagious and as it turns out, being on the podcast was kind of a dream of his so this episode was a ton of fun to record.  In the interview we talk about:

  • How he overcame the challenges of exponentially growing his business while also remaining present for his family.
  • The #1 Most Valuable thing he discovered to rapidly scale his business to 7-Figures
  • The “lost art” of Prospecting
  • How to use the “Wrinkle in Time” technique to get more done and spend more time doing what you love
  • PLUS… 4 Overlooked Tax Breaks for entrepreneurs to pay LESS taxes and keep MORE of what you earn

If that sounds like it’s up your alley, I recommend having a listen.

>> You can check it out here

To your success,
Craig Ballantyne

P.S. Due to increased demand we are looking at expanding room in our coaching programs for 2021.

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