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Get more subscribers to confirm by customizing your confirmation message and success page.

Confirmed opt-in (aka double opt-in) is a way for subscribers to verify they want to join your email list.¹

Using confirmed opt-in can help you increase your open and click rates, protect yourself against bogus spam complaints, and improve your email deliverability.

Here’s how confirmed opt-in works:

    1. A subscriber completes your sign up form, is imported, or is added to your list through an integration.
    2. The subscriber receives a confirmation message containing a unique link they must click to verify they want to receive emails from you.
    3. Once the subscriber clicks the link, they will begin receiving your broadcasts and automated campaigns.

Take your confirmed opt-in experience to a new level.  Customize the subject line and content of your confirmation message, as well as your confirmation success page.  Here’s how!

Pro tip: Use the AWeber landing page builder to create a custom confirmation success page.

Mail Subject line

¹  Confirmed Opt-In (Definition)

Also known as verified opt-in or sometimes double opt-in, confirmed opt-in means that a recipient (your subscriber) has verifiably confirmed permission for the address to be included on your specific mailing list.  By confirming (clicking the link in this message) a subscriber has given you expressed permission to send messages to their address.
For example, a visitor to your website enters their email address into a sign up form.  The visitor is sent an email with a unique and personalized link, this is generated as soon as they sign up.  The potential subscriber must click on that unique link in the confirmation message to verify their subscription to your list.  This verifies the owner of the email address attempting to be subscribed is indeed the person that typed it into the website form.

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