Campaign Results: 18+ Appointments From Dead Leads

This service is out there!

Hi ,

I created a five-step campaign for a financial advisor to help him immediately get prospective clients to schedule appointments with no marketing costs.

He was overwhelmed, in the best possible way by the response.

He received over 600 personal replies and, from that, 18 appointments (and still growing) from prospective clients who want to work with him.  Keep in mind that some of these leads were two to three years old and that he was not in regular contact with them.

Here’s the campaign.

  1. He emailed his list, offering them valuable information. (Think “short-form webinar.”)
  2. He sent interested prospects to a SIMPLE landing page where they gave their name and email address to access the info. (Yes, he already had their email list, but we wanted a way to re-engage with his neglected email of prospects.)
  3. An email immediately went out with the link to the info.  This email also included a gentle call to action to set up an appointment at the end.
  4. The following day, an email was sent where the advisor asked what the prospect’s biggest concerns were when it came to retirement.
  5. Four more emails went out after that to people who didn’t reply to the email in step #4.

Keep in mind, my fine-feathered friend, that generating the 18+ appointments cost him nothing.  He had already paid for the leads and considered them to be dead.

What’s exciting is the model I just laid out for you works even better with fresh leads.

Sound good?

Yes! you are charged for this Client Attraction Machine because someone does the work for you and you need to supply an old email/contact list, but these type of services are out there!

–Rob W.

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