Becoming A Master Prospector

I consider prospecting to be a master of sorting rather than selling.  I have found that average people do a lot of telling and selling, while effective prospectors do sorting.

When you get good at prospecting, you will start to say less to more people.  The thing that will move your forward in your career is learning how to sort.

Sorting under my definition is finding high quality people that are worth my time.  Your belief when it comes to prospecting and sorting can make or break your enterprise.  The number one thing that stops people in prospecting is the process.  The perception of the whole process is that there is a lot of pain.  That is simply not true.  You have to get past fear in the business of sales if you want to be successful.

All you have to do in prospecting is communicate.  People buy from people they like and people they perceive as leaders.  The most important thing you develop is self-esteem so that you can project through the telephone that you are the leader that the people are looking for.

The most underrated key of prospecting is listening.  The master prospector knows how to listen.  They are great at listening to what is meant vs what is said.  In fact, a term that I coined is “When you talk, you lose, when you listen, you learn.”  You can learn way more listening that you ever could talking.

In a perfect prospecting world, you would spend 20% of your time asking/answering questions with the other 80% of your time spent listening.  It’s all about the questions you are asking someone.  That’s how you effectively communicate and prospect…


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