5 Things You Need To Win At Business

There’s an old story about Warren Buffett…

During a conversation with his personal pilot Mike Flint – he asked Flint to list his “top 25 goals in life.”

When Flint passed him the list, Buffett crossed out the bottom 20 and said,

“Never think of them again – just focus on the top 5.”

That’s similar to what I want to help you with today.

You see, most entrepreneurs view “success” as becoming millionaires.

Which is no easy feat.

But it’s mostly difficult because most business owners make it harder than it needs to be.


By spending too much time and energy on things that really don’t move the needle.

Things like logo design, creating business cards (yes, still!), uploading photos and videos to social media, or trying to establish “brand awareness.”

Other reasons they fail, according to my mentor Mark Ford, are “weak marketing, insufficient cash flow, and poor product reviews.”

That’s why if you want to be successful in business you’re best off to focus only on the 5 things that are mission critical…

And basically ignore all the rest.

I say there’s only 5 things because EVERY time I’ve built a business to 7-Figures myself or helped a client do it…

It was only after getting all “Five Profit Pillars” in place.

So what are they?

1. Leadership

2. Proper Planning

3. Personal Productivity

4. Effective Marketing

5. Proven Sales System

For example…

When I helped my client Adam Pearson double his 7-figure business, we were able to do it by…

– Installing proper planning so he could spend less time working IN the business (and more time working ON it)

– Bulletproofing his personal productivity and leadership skills

– Building a proven sales machine

It’s similar to when I helped Frank Den Blanken go from $10k per month to $100k per month in just 90 days…

We did it with strict planning and delegating to others, putting in place my proven leadership meetings, and making more time for sales and marketing.

And when I helped Vince Delmonte grow to the $5 Million mark…

…it was through fixing his personal productivity so he not only had more time to work ON the business, but also more time for his wife and three young kids (and his workouts, because Vinny loves hitting the gym!)

That’s the power of prioritizing the “5 Profit Pillars”.

It lets you focus only on what really moves the needle…

And gives you a clear path for how to scale your business to 7-Figures.

BUT… each of the 5 Pillars has to be fully dialed in.

If it isn’t…

There’s no marketing budget big enough or sales tactics slick enough to get you to that million dollar mark.

And when they are dialed in?

THAT’S where the magic happens.

Which is why I’ve designed my Double Your Profits Elite coaching program for you to successfully implement these 5 crucial factors. 

The program gives you the EXACT framework to build each of the 5 Profit Pillars into your business…

Then me and my team of coaches will guide you 1-on-1 through implementing everything you need to grow to 7-Figures this year.

One thing I need to mention though…

This is an advanced coaching program.

It’s specifically meant for entrepreneurs who have some existing sales already.

I’m not helping you create a brand new business here…

The point of this program is to give you the simplest path to scaling your business to 7-Figures.

So with that said…

Admission to this program is limited to just a handful of spots and it is via application only.

We were initially planning on promoting all week…

But due to higher than anticipated response since opening enrollment Monday – today will be the last day of applications.

If you’re reading this late you can still try but there’s no guarantee we’ll get to yours…

We expect to have this group full by the weekend.

So if you’re interested in applying I recommend doing it now.

You can access your application at the link below:

>> Go HERE to see if you qualify for Double Your Profits Elite

Success Loves Speed,
Craig Ballantyne

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