5 “Non-Negotiables” To Become A Millionaire

Everybody wants to be a millionaire but for entrepreneurs the dream is real…

And much more attainable because you actually have a vehicle to take you there.

Even better… you DON’T need to reinvent the wheel.  Making millions isn’t easy, but it IS simple.  In fact there’s only a few things you really need.

What I’m giving you today are the boiled down, crystallised secrets to the only 5 things you truly need to become a millionaire…

1. Clarity of vision

Clarity of visionIf you don’t know EXACTLY where you want to end up … how will you ever get there?

You must have a clear vision of the dream destination for your life.  Once you know what that destination looks like … you can map a clear path to success that guides all your decisions.  Your vision shows you where you shouldn’t bother wasting effort…

And it shows you when to keep going in the face of adversity.  Elon Musk nearly went bankrupt in 2008 after dumping 9-Figures from his PayPal sale into SpaceX, Tesla, and SolarCity.  But because he had a clear vision and was committed to it – he refused to quit.  Now SpaceX has just won another $2.9 Billion NASA contract … to add to Elon’s $600 Billion empire.

2. Productivity

You must have bulletproof routines and systems that make sure you’re as efficient as possible, taking action on the right things in the right way.

This is how millionaires live every day.  They know they can’t earn a 7-figure income on a 5-figure lifestyle…

So they develop 7-figure habits.  And planning is the foundation for all of it.  For peak productivity you must plan your most important / most difficult tasks during your “magic time”…

That special time of day where you’re 3X more productive, energetic, and creative than any other part of the day.  And you need to schedule your other work and activities into dedicated “time blocks” through the rest of your day as well.

Time blocking eliminates transition time, so you’re not flipping from task to task.  Dedicating your attention to just one thing at a time allows you to get better quality work done, and more of it.

3. High income skills

High income skillsHigh income skills are those which directly result in making large amounts of money flow into your business.  Selling, speaking, leadership, copywriting, or negotiating are just a few examples of this.  Most of the world cannot do these things well or aren’t willing to.  Because they’re hard.  But that’s also why they’re so valuable.  Mastering at least one of these skills virtually guarantees success.  My client Boris Enzel experienced this firsthand.

After we upgraded his leadership skills … his supplement company took off, and did over half a million in January.  But it gets even better … when you know which high income skills bring the biggest returns for YOUR business … you can hire talent rich in those areas to double down on them for MASSIVE profits.  Case in point – I know the biggest returns in my business come from sales and copywriting.  So over the last year and a half I’ve hired additional sales people and copywriters.  And their contributions have already added hundreds of thousands of dollars to my bottom line.

4. Blueprint

Every successful builder uses a blueprint.

Architects and engineers could not have constructed Dubai’s Burj Khalifa – the tallest building in the world – without a blueprint.

There were specific and detailed plans for it’s construction.  The same is true for building a million dollar business.  And you must get your plan from someone who’s already achieved the result you seek.  They know what it takes and they can show you a clear path to get there.

A perfect example of this is my client Frank Den Blanken.  Frank was working himself to the bone just to make $10k/month…

…until he attended my workshop in Frankfurt, Germany.

We gave him a 90-day blueprint which he followed to a T and 22X’d his business in less than a year.  If you want to build a 7-figure business you must learn from the mistakes and lessons of someone who’s already done it – preferably more than once.  It’s the fastest, surest, path to making your first million… and it’s a REAL shortcut that works.

5. Accountability

AccountabilityNo matter how driven or ambitious you are … there will be days where you don’t feel like putting in the work.  But when you have support from someone else who you respect and admire, those feelings don’t matter…

You simply show up, do the work, and get the job done.  That’s why Olympic Gold medalists… NFL Super Bowl champions… and other world class athletes like Conor McGregor or Nascar’s Kyle Busch … ALL have a coach who provides professional accountability.  It’s too easy to make and break promises to ourselves.

No one else knows about our internal commitments… so they can’t judge us if we don’t follow through.  That’s why accountability is the secret weapon that helps you show up and do the work when you don’t want to.

With these 5 core drivers in place you’ll be on the fast track to millionaire status.

If you’re missing any one or more of these you owe it to yourself to get off the hamster wheel and start taking the steps average people won’t.  For a quick injection of all 5 of these business boosting elements…

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To Your Success,
Craig Ballantyne

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