2 Copy Tricks For Writing A 7_Figure Sales Letter

Hey, a few weeks ago … my head copywriter Austin and I hosted an epic 3-hour masterclass on all things copy.

And I’ve gotta be honest … it blew my expectations out of the water.

We covered everything that any business owner needs to know to immediately boost their conversions … and add an extra 10-20% to their bottom line pretty much overnight.   So if you weren’t there … I wanted to give you a little sneak peek at some of the lessons we shared.  To help you increase your conversions and income this week.

This blog post is a copy of an email sent to me by Craig Ballantyne on September 10th, 2020.  The tricks Craig shares about copywriting are genuine and free!  At the end of the email there was a offer to join “Craig’s Group Coaching” which I have not altered… You don’t have to ‘click the link’ or pay for ‘Craig’s Group Coaching’ if you simply don’t wish to, however, the offer and information is in tact!

1. The 8-Hour “Trick” that Turns Losing Offers Into Winners 

When I first published my Millionaire Morning Routine course a few years ago … it was far from a “winner”.  Over the past three years, we sold maybe 400 copies total.  And everytime we tried running cold traffic to it … we ended up losing thousands of dollars no matter how many ads we tested or how much money we threw at it.

Honestly, I’d kinda given up on the program altogether.  But Austin believed we could make it a winner.  And a few months ago … he decided to rewrite our sales letter from scratch.

And I’m glad he did.  Because today … our morning routine funnel brings in about $1k/day in sales.  On less than $300 in ad spend.  In fact … we’ve already sold more than 100 copies of the program this month.  And I wouldn’t be surprised if we turn it into a 7-figure funnel by the end of the year.  So how did he manage to improve the sales page so dramatically that it not only became a “winner” … but became the highest converting offer we have?

By entering the conversation in the prospect’s mind.  You see … when most people write an ad or sales letter or email … they ignore THE most important part of high converting copy.


Knowing the exact words and phrases your ideal customers are using to describe their problems and goals … and then using those words in your copy.   By spending 8 hours pouring over forums, Amazon reviews, customer feedback, and YouTube comments … Austin was able to turn our losing offer into a winner in less than a week.  And if you want to improve conversions on YOUR copy … you MUST learn how to do effective research.

Because when you know the exact fears, desires, pains, dispositions, and goals your ideal customer has … writing copy basically becomes a game of “copy” and “paste”.  And by spending just a few hours on the front end doing your due diligence … you’ll increase your sales almost overnight.

2. The Two Most Important Factors for a Winning Sales Page 

The second BIG lesson Austin shared during his presentation was the importance of something called…

“The unique mechanism”.

Which is a fancy way of saying … what separates YOUR offer from everyone else’s?  Here’s the thing…

Unless you’re Elon Musk … chances are your offer is NOT the first solution your customers have considered or tried.  They’ve probably been burned in the past by a similar product, coach, or service … and it’s up to you to show them why “This time is different.”

That’s where the unique mechanism comes in … your goal is to show them:

1. Why they’ve failed in the past (the unique mechanisms behind the problem)

2. Why your product will bring them success when others have failed (the unique mechanism behind the solution)

For example…

With our morning routine course … the unique mechanism behind the problem is that most morning routines are dogmatic and unproductive.  They tell you to wake up before your body is ready … and waste the first few hours of your day on perverse procrastination with things like meditation, reading, and visualization.  The unique mechanism behind the solution is our “Personalized Farm Boy Morning Routine”…

That helps you accomplish your most important objective first thing in the morning … and create a customized morning routine that works for you … WITHOUT forcing you to wake up at 5 am or waste the most important hours of your morning chanting affirmations in the mirror.  Once we identified and articulated those two unique mechanisms … our sales took off like crazy.  Thing is…

90% of the sales pages and ads I see today don’t have a unique mechanism.

And if they do… it’s very unclear.  So if you can just get this one thing right … you’ll see an instant jump in your sales and conversions.  Even if your offer has been a “loser” for years.

Now … these are just two of the MANY tricks, tactics, and strategies we shared during the masterclass.  And if you want the whole training … where we break down the research process and unique mechanisms in detail … AND show you the exact ads, emails, sales pages, and “ninja strategies” we’ve used to add multiple 6-figures in revenue over the past few months … YOU can get instant access by joining my Double Your Profits Group coaching program.  Plus … you’ll also get all of the trainings I mentioned previously.

To Your Success,

Craig Ballantyne

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