11 Tactics To Help You Get More Done This Week Than All Month

Today I want to get straight to the point.

No stories, case studies, or clever analogies…

Just actionable to the point tactics.

So here are 11 ways to get more done this week than you have all month… 

1. Wake up at the exact same time every day for the next 7-days (you’ll be shocked by how effective this is).

2. Schedule specific times to check email and stick to them.  Turn your notifications off and focus on the task in front of you. 99% of the time any email that hits your inbox can wait.

3. Save your “hour of power” (things like reading, meditation, visualization, exercise, etc) until after you’ve completed your most important task for the day.

4. Schedule specific days to tackle specific types of projects.  For example, do your team meetings on Monday, writing on Tuesday, sales calls on Wednesday, offer creation on Thursdays, and podcasts on Fridays.

You’ll get “in the zone” much faster and dramatically increase your productivity when you’re focused on a single type of task instead of jumping around from project to project.

5. Work on a timer and take a 5-10 minutes break every 90-minutes.  Go for a walk, sit outside, read, meditate… use your breaks to disconnect and let your subconscious work on the problems of the day.

6. Skip breakfast or eat something high in fat and protein and low in carbs to avoid the mid-morning crash.

7. Review everything you have on your to-do list for this week and ask yourself… “Do I need to do this?” 100% of the time, you’ll find something you can delegate, automate, or eliminate entirely… giving you more time for the big picture work that really matters.

8. Set a cut off time for your workdays and stick to it.  Knowing that you must be finished with your day by 6pm will keep you focused on work and prevent you from sliding into the endless hole of social media and surfing the web.

9. Speaking of surfing the web… turn off your wifi whenever possible and put your phone in another room.  You’ll get 10X more done when you completely eliminate distractions instead of trying to “manage” them.

10. Schedule something fun this week that you can look forward to.  Life’s too short to spend it all in the office.

11. Be kind to yourself.  Things are crazy right now and it’s normal to feel a little anxiety and overwhelm.  Having a bad day doesn’t make you a bad person and the faster you can bounce back from an unproductive work day, the better prepared you’ll be for the next day.

Try these out this week…

And feel free to hit “reply” and let me know how they work for you.

To Your Success,
Craig Ballantyne

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