Your #1 Lead Killer

Mediocre and inconsistent results…

That’s what my client Frank Den Blanken was getting back in 2018 when he struggled to keep his business afloat.

Now don’t get me wrong – Frank’s a smart guy and was doing respectable numbers … He’d make maybe $15k one month, then $8k or so the next … But he was working 80+ hours a week just to get there.

And had no time with his wife… date nights were basically nonexistent.

But that all changed when Frank was able to 22X (that’s right, 22X, not just 10X!) his business in less than a year.

No more 15 hour days either … He’s tripled date nights with his wife.

So how did he do it?

Well I did give him the direction and a plan to follow … But the credit goes to Frank for his incredible work ethic.

And his tireless dedication to master business skills which have the greatest impact.

You see, when Frank learns something is effective for scaling his business … He goes all in.

When he started really moving on social media ads and funnels he learned a huge lesson:

The difference between ads, landing pages, and email follow up sequences that make money … VS the ones that don’t…

Is effective copywriting.

Bad copy is the #1 Killer of your leads and sales.

Frank also discovered the more he learns about his buyers … The more he is able to come up with great copy that speaks to them.

The results were so powerful, he went deep on this.

And it’s a major reason why his business is now doing 8-Figures.

So as a special treat from Frank, so you can harness the power of effective copywriting just like he did … Here’s Frank’s 10 Customer Avatar Questions to create killer copy:

1. What keeps them awake at night… staring at the ceiling?

2. What are they afraid of?

3. What are they angry about? Who are they angry at?

4. What are their top 3 frustrations?

5. What trends are occurring and will occur in their lives?

6. What do they secretly, ardently desire the most?

7. Is there a built-in bias to the way they make decisions?

8. Do they have their own language?

9. Who else is selling something similar to them, and how?

10. Who else has tried selling something similar to them and how has the effort failed?

(Pro Tip from Frank: One or two answers to these questions is not enough)…

If you want to truly learn your prospects inside out you need to fill a page for each question.

Print these out and spend the time filling a page for each question.

If you can’t get a whole page, keep coming back to it every time you can fill in more.

This is such a valuable exercise I went through it myself and had my team members do so as well … This is part of the summary I was able to create about our clients after answering Frank’s questions:

austin-distel-VwsuhJ9uee4Our clients need help overcoming FOMO, panic, past failures… anger about those failures. 

They worry about being wrong again … Our offer may seem no different than other programs / books that failed them in the past. 

So we need to show social proof that we actually do help people achieve massive success … From those first cracking 6-Figures … Right up to 7, 8, and 9-Figure + entrepreneurs … People like Russell Brunson… Joel Marion… Bedros Keuilian… Sharran Srivatsaa… and more.

But they need to know if they don’t change now, it won’t get better – the pain they’re experiencing only continues.

Our clients need to know I’ve been there too (at the lowest lows – broke, stressed, anxious) … But also that I’ve “done that” (achieved many of the things they desire)…

  •  traveled to 45 countries
  •  achieved multimillionaire and best selling author status
  •  and even live relatively stress free… despite the world being in crazy times

Our clients also need to know we can help them build an irresistible offer, get more leads, make more sales … achieve more, delegate more, and become a leader so they can work less…

And that we continue to coach our clients to record months and years … Even in the face of COVID, race riots, a divided country, a recession, higher taxes, lockdown… and social media distractions. 

This is how we prove that with our help they can become the 7-Figure HERO they’re meant to be for their family.

Do you see how powerful this exercise was for my marketing?

How much it can guide my copywriting and ad strategy?

Getting clear on the answers to Frank’s 10 Questions is invaluable.

And once you know what to say to your audience… you want to make sure they read it.

One important thing to keep in mind when you write any kind of copy is … No one HAS to read your stuff.

But you need them to, or else your message goes undelivered.

So keeping them reading comes down to 2 general things:

1. You must make it easy to read

Use short sentences.

Avoid big words if a smaller one can say the same thing.

My buddy Ian Stanley is one of the most successful copywriters around … And he writes most stuff at about a 3rd grade level (most popular music gets written this way too).

This means also limiting adverbs and sticking to simple phrases.

Most people aren’t used to watching their writing level … But there’s a tool you can use for this which Ian recommends called Hemingway App (google it – it’s free!)

And while Hemingway App will help make your copy easy to read…

2. You must also make it interesting

Answering the 10 Avatar Questions I gave you earlier helps with this.

But you have to catch your reader’s attention to start with.

And you need to hold it long enough to “pull them into” your copy.

I had Ian give a presentation during a recent online event I hosted.

In it, he mentioned one single change he made to a client’s email … That resulted in a 22% lift in response.

The change?

The first sentence was just the client introducing himself: “Hi my name’s Mike…”

Ian removed it completely.

No other changes.

And that’s because when Mike’s readers were deciding whether to read the rest of that email … They couldn’t care less who was writing it until they knew why they should read it.

So that first sentence was a waste and it lost the reader’s attention.

According to Ian this is why the first sentence is most important.

And why you should give it serious consideration.

I could keep on going about Ian’s copy boosting techniques … He’s like a bottomless goldmine of marketing knowledge

(I guess that’s what happens when you sell $100M worth of products and services in 6 years).

But it’s probably better if you hear it straight from him and see these principles in action.

That’s why I recommend checking out Ian’s book – Confessions of a Persuasion Hitman

In it you’ll find some of the most effective copywriting tactics working today.

And don’t worry – even though it’s super powerful stuff … None of it is hard to understand or implement.

The book tells you how (Ian also teaches at a 3rd grade level 😉

Between the book and the other copywriting strategies discussed in this email … You’ll be well equipped to write better ads, headlines, emails and landing pages.

And THAT is a surefire way to pump a massive flow of new revenue into your business.

I can’t wait to hear all about it.

To your success,
Craig Ballantyne

PS – Right now Ian’s offering his book for FREE (just pay shipping).

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