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Just wanted to reach out and check if you’re going to make it to the Disciplined Entrepreneur Workshop, first Friday in January? (01/07/2022)

This workshop has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, athletes, executives, actors, realtors, freelancers, recording artists, and all kinds of other high performers reach the next level of success — often right when they needed it most.

Below are just a few of the A-players who were able to kick things into high gear thanks to the lessons from THIS workshop.

To hear exactly what they have to say you can click on the image below… then just scroll down on the info page…

Greg O’Gallagher, Founder and CEO of Kinobody Fitness:

“I got a lot of clarity and focus, a really strong clarity as to what I needed to do with my business, of what I needed to do to really feel inspired of how to do my vision. That was worth it.”

Matthew Delnegro, Actor, PodCaster, Husband and Father:

“I walked out with almost a to-do list or a punch-list of what I needed to do.”

Zander Fryer, Best-Selling Author, Multiple 7-Figure Coach:

“It really helped me clarify some things in my business and my personal life that I clearly needed to change and actually helped me take the first steps to actually making those changes and bring them to reality.”

Shawn Hadsall, Founder of Get Lean in 12:

“My thinking in every area of my life went to a whole ‘nother level”

We want YOU to have the same transformations and business breakthroughs these guys did…

That’s why this special “New Year Momentum” edition of the workshop is structured to give you all the tools, accountability, and step-by-step guidance you need to get unstuck and accomplish your biggest goals this year.

But seats are almost full.

So if you’re ready to achieve ultimate performance in 2022…

Don’t leave it any longer.

Use the link below to claim your $500 savings off regular ticket price and lock in your access today…

>> Build unstoppable momentum with the Disciplined Entrepreneur Workshop and CRUSH your goals in 2022

Success Loves Speed,
Craig Ballantyne

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