Why Morning Routines DON’T Work

Do you make these morning routine mistakes…

– Meditation
– Cold showers
– Long workouts
– Motivational videos
– 3 types of journaling

All before you actually get something important done?

That’s what I call a “Perverse Form of Procrastination”…

I explain everything in THIS new video over on my YouTube channel.

Because I know what you’re thinking…

“But Craig, all the gurus say to do those things in the morning.”

Here’s the Harsh Truth:

It’s those little morning “destroyers” that are distracting you and holding you back from actually getting ahead in life.  If you really want to get more done and control your days…

This video is for you.  Watch now to discover:

– The surprising truth behind 3 “morning advantages” that you lose later on in the day

– How to make life changing progress with just a 15 minute morning ritual

– The one “weird nightly habit” that stops procrastination in your mornings

These principles helped mother of 3, Sophie Eden, reclaim her mornings and get more done early — elevating her mood and giving her more control of her day.

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To Your Success,
Craig Ballantyne

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