What Can You Do With $7?


For most people … $7 isn’t exactly “a lot” of money.  Depending where you live (and how much sales tax you have to pay), it’ll get you:

– A 6-pack of colgate cavity protection toothpaste

– A travel manicure set

– Two small lattes from Starbucks (ok, technically you’d need $8 and some change)

– A pair of athletic socks

– A small case of yogurt (strawberry or assorted flavors)

– An 8 minute Uber ride

But what if I told you that…

Instead of toothpaste and nail clippers… you could get insider’s access to my million dollar morning routine secrets each month…

… For that same $7?

I know that might sound ridiculous (and it is), but today… you have the opportunity to do exactly that.

Introducing the all new Millionaire Monthly Newsletter

Where you’ll get insider’s access to the exact strategies, systems, and frameworks my 250+ millionaire clients and I are using to:

– Get more done every morning … and ALL DAY long

– Spend more time with our families and sleep peacefully at night

– All while growing our businesses like crazy – yes, even now during the pandemic…

… Now here’s the best part…

When you join the newsletter, you’ll get monthly access to private content and training to discover things like:

– The exact tools and mindsets a busy mom uses to homeschool her two kids… while running three 8-figure businesses?

– The specific copywriting and media buying secrets that helped my team and I add $600,000 to our topline since August (without investing in any expensive expert help)

– “Secret” biohacks, supplements, and other tricks the top 1% use to 10X their energy and performance (while sleeping less)

– Step-by-step strategies and tactics to add an extra $10,000/month to your bottom line (without working a single extra hour).

For less than a jar of organic peanut butter…

I’m giving you access to some of the best lessons and strategies my clients and I are learning in real time.  To help YOU earn more, work less, and create your perfect life.  You might be wondering;“Craig, why are you only charging $7 if it’s so valuable?”

And the truth is that it’s actually pretty selfish.  Because I know what it’s like to be in your shoes.  Whether it’s overwhelmed with too much to do or on the verge of anxiety attacks because of business ups-and-downs.  And so I want to share my life’s work with you just like the books and courses I bought from my mentors when I was in your spot years ao…

>> You can go here to get all the details and claim your membership to Millionaire Monthly

To Your Success,
Craig Ballantyne

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