Weird “80/20” Secret To Scale Your Business At Lightspeed

What if you could get 80% MORE done in 20% LESS time?

There’s a little-known “universal law” people are using to turbocharge their results, build massive fortunes, and save themselves hours each day.  In fact, this law is so powerful there’s a well-known man who used it to go from working 60+ hours a week making 6-Figures … to being worth $400 million and working just one hour per day.  That man was Richard Koch, who then wrote a wildly successful book about this principle which changed his life.

You may have heard me mention the “80/20 principle” recently…

It’s something I’m pretty passionate about because I’ve used it with amazing results for many of my clients.  It was by applying 80/20 to my client Frank Den Blanken’s fitness business that we were able to get him from $10k per month to $100k per month in just 90 days … and working HALF the hours.

And when we 80/20’d my other client Boris Enzel’s supplement company he immediately had a record month … all while having more vacation time with his family.  So 80/20 is real.  And it’s powerful.  And because I want you to be able to harness the amazing potential of the law of 80/20 in your own business and life…

I just dropped a new episode of Early to Rise Radio for you that explains this strange phenomenon and EXACTLY how you can use it to skyrocket your results.  You’re going to love this one.

In it we cover:

– How to 10X your productivity and profits by identifying and optimizing the “Vital Few”

– The single 1.5 hr daily activity that is responsible for 80% of business growth

– How to slash inefficiency and cut time wasters by eliminating the “Trivial Many”

– The “ADE Exercise” one of my clients used that resulted in the most profitable week of his entire 10 year career

– How to save yourself 10 hours or more per week

– The politically incorrect “R Word” that makes ALL the difference in the productivity of your business

– And so much more…

Check out the podcast episode at the link below and apply these tips today for immediate results in your life and business…

>> You can go HERE to listen to The 80-20 Principle for Maximum Productivity

To Your Success,
Craig Ballantyne

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