U.S. Navy SEALs #1 Marketing Lesson

There’s a saying in the Navy SEALs:

“Two is one, and one is none.”

Meaning they never rely on one point of failure….

… One weapon, one oxygen tank, one strategy, or one escape route

And this maniacal focus on redundancy is one of the primary causes of their successes in the face of seemingly impossible odds.

No matter what, they always have a plan B.


If you want elite success and income in your business…

… You can’t rely on a single source of leads, sales, or income.

If one thing breaks… you need redundancies in place to prevent your entire business from shutting down.

Just like the Navy SEALs – you need to have multiple “weapons” and strategies.


I encourage you to adopt and master the “Core 4” marketing channels of 2021:

1 – Facebook & YouTube Ads

Paid ads, of any kind, are one of the most essential components to a scalable business.

True… getting started can be confusing and expensive…

But once you “crack the code”, you’ll have access to a money printing machine where you can consistently put in $1…

… And get $2, $5, or even $10 back.

For example…

In my business we spend about $2,000 every day on Facebook ads for my Millionaire Morning Routine…

And we know we’ll get somewhere between $500 and $1500 profit the day we make that investment (that doesn’t include the lifetime value of each new customer we bring in)

The sooner you can master the skill of paid customer acquisition (aka ADS), the sooner you’ll experience an exponential increase in your business and income.

2 – Instagram

This is the biggest source of organic traffic and sales for 80% of businesses…

So no surprise it’s also the #1 source of new clients for my business.

In fact, I’ve sold approximately $5 million in high ticket coaching programs on Instagram since 2017 (a little over $1M per year).

Now, many of these sales do require email and phone call follow up…

​But all those insanely valuable leads ($5M dollars worth!) were generated on Instagram.

And if you follow my Instagram account @realcraigballantyne and watch what I do…

You’ll see EXACTLY how to use a 4 part formula – consisting of IGTV, “shareable” posts, “blunt” posts, and IG stories – to pump a steady flow of leads into your business…

All for zero advertising cost.

3 – Email marketing

If someone tells you that “email is dead”…

You should immediately stop following, subscribing, and listening to what they have to say.

Because they are dead wrong.

Without exception… every entrepreneur I know who’s generating 8 to 9-figures uses email heavily.

Like my friend Joel Marion who makes almost all of his profit from his 2 million+ subscriber email list.

Email marketing – when used correctly – is one of the single most powerful tools a business has.

And even better?

Because you control your list and the messages you’re sending them…

… You can’t get shut down overnight just because Zuckerburg doesn’t agree with your politics or one of your emails was a little too aggressive.

4 – Referrals

The fourth and final lead source every business should have is referrals.

And frankly, it’s kind of a no-brainer.

If you have happy customers who paid you money and enjoyed working with you…

Why wouldn’t you create systems where those happy customers can help you find new clients?

Generating a sale from a referral is 10X easier than a Facebook ad or email.

Because they’re entering into the conversation with a higher level of KLT (know, like, trust).

Even though they aren’t as scalable as paid advertising or social media…

… They’re a powerful and simple way to generate free clients for life.

Success Loves Speed,
Craig Ballantyne

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