Turn Your Expertise Into A Profitable Online Course

I recently discovered a program for turning your knowledge or expertise into a profitable online product or course that’s so straightforward and that cuts through all of the confusion and overwhelm so effectively that I really feel compelled to share it with you.

It’s the brainchild of my colleague Ellen Finkelstein, who has written dozens of books, taught presentation skills to thousands all around the world, and sold dozens of profitable online courses and products since starting with her first website in 1999.

I’m so impressed with Ellen’s clear and comprehensive approach to turning expertise into online products and courses that I’m inviting you to attend her next live Knowledge to Income Roadmap masterclass that’s specifically for knowledge experts who want to:

  • Reach many more people by sharing their knowledge all around the globe
  • Stop depending on 1-to-1 services so they can enjoy more freedom
  • Use online products and courses as a gateway to more expensive offers (let clients try before they buy)

Ellen only does these live demos once a month and the next one is happening in around 7 days’ time … but please note that Ellen has a “no-replay” policy so you will need to attend live.  To compensate, she’ll do the webinar at 2 different times so you can choose the one best for you.

The demo will take 45 minutes and then Ellen will host a Q&A.

By the way, the most brilliant part of Ellen’s knowledge to income model is what she calls “Stepping Stone” marketing.

Which means you follow the simple 3-step process to build

1) Your product
2) A targeted audience who has the problem you solve
3) A relationship with that audience

How cool would that be?

And get this … there is zero advertising of any kind, no social media marketing, no LinkedIn surfing, no complicated online funnels.  You just follow the steps to create an offer your audience wants.

If you have anything else booked for the time of this training, see if you can move it.

I’m serious.  If you have valuable knowledge, experience or expertise that you want to get out to the world in a sustainable way, this may well be the most valuable time you’ll invest all year.

Remember, there is no replay.
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–DavidDavid Newman
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