THIS Small Change Will Make Your Copy Convert 2x As Well

One of the biggest secrets to writing good copy is that people only care about what’s affecting them today.  For example…

In the political arena, inflation is a big topic right now.  Why?

Because the price of everything is going up.  The ribeyes I buy at Whole Foods used to be $13.99 a pound last year.  But now?

They’re $18.99 a pound.  Which is a huge jump.  However it’s not just ribeyes going up in price.

Everything from gas to cars to hotels are getting more expensive.  And here’s the thing…

People notice this.  It’s a real, tangible problem that they’re aware of.  They don’t need to be “sold” on it.

People realize that their check doesn’t go as far as it usually does when buying groceries, or pumping gas.   So they’re frustrated…

And slightly worried….

And that brings me back to my original point…

Most people only care about things that are affecting them today.  This is why it’s nearly impossible to convince people that we should focus on the national debt or climate change.

Those are “future” issues.  And people don’t really care about future issues.  They’re just trying to deal with today.

Which is why things like the price of your hamburger meat increasing by 40% are real issues.  They’re felt today.  And in the end that’s what people care about.

They care about the problems, struggles, and frustrations that they’re feeling today.  So my advice?

Make sure your copy taps into this.  Someone who’s getting calls from debt collectors cares a lot more about getting out of debt than they care about having a big nest egg in retirement.

So make sure you focus on what’s on their mind today.  I promise if you do this…

Your copy will convert a whole lot better.  So keep that in mind…

And enjoy your Thursday,
–Justin Goff

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