THIS Kills Dreams (And Here’s What Doesn’t)

Every morning – after finishing 90 minutes of NUI work at my desk overlooking Vancouver – I slip into a calming morning routine.
  • Water is boiled for coffee.
  • Daisy is fed her breakfast of raw duck.
  • I pull out the French Press and make a light roast for Michelle and I.
The raw duck is as disgusting as it sounds (to Daisy’s delight) … while the coffee is “pretty good” – even though it’s coming from Craig “the Kitchen Clutz”.
Afterwards I sit down and “Zoom” with my ETR team who are scattered around the world.  Last Wednesday the team saw an opportunity to sell a new program … But it required us to crank out the copy to take advantage of a short sales window.  We agreed to go ALL IN.
Our copywriter, Austin, cranked out a 2,800 word script in 48 hours.  I booked my videographer and recorded it Friday afternoon.  Over the weekend it was edited.
Today it’s going live online.

Success Loves Speed.  Delay Kills Dreams.

My top clients know it too.  Earlier this year one of our success stories, Chris Barth, realized he’d had enough of some bad habits and wanted to take his discipline to the next level.
He immediately joined The Project – the 5-days of life-changing hell led by Bedros Keuilian and his Navy SEAL buddies … The Project is essentially a military boot camp combined with transformational counselling and business coaching – all in one.
Last Friday Chris graduated… one of only 12 men from the original 19 that started.

Success Loves Speed.  Delay Kills Dreams.

Another example … On Tuesday last week I asked a client if he would like to study Chris Voss’ Negotiation Training on negotiation from
(a great Christmas gift, by the way!).
We agreed to watch it as fast as possible and compare notes.  Michelle and I are halfway through it and I’ve picked up three big lessons he didn’t teach in Voss’ must-read book, Never Split the Difference … Success Loves Speed.  Delay Kills Dreams.  Recently Michelle also joined my friend Zander Fryer’s coaching program … She was nearly 1/3rd of the way through the training videos before her kick-off call.
“Wow,” her coach said.
Then got up BEFORE me yesterday and finished her 8-week program.
“Wow,” her coach said.
“WOW,” I say about Michelle every day.

Success Loves Speed.  Delay Kills Dreams.

Now it’s your turn.  Will your speed contribute to your success?
Or will your delay kill your dreams?
Only YOU can decide.

If you choose more success, I invite you to accept my challenge:

There are just over 6 weeks left in 2020 … And let’s face it… only about 4 of those could be considered “work weeks”…
BUT … That’s still plenty of time to make big progress … So do some (quick) thinking and set a goal you want to accomplish before 2020 ends.
Identify a BIG project that will move the needle in your life … It can be a specific outcome like making an extra $100K or million bucks … Selling a big house… or closing a massive deal for a big order.
Or perhaps you want to lose 15 pounds or read 12 books.
Whatever goal you choose it should be something you can look back upon and say to yourself…
“I’m glad I did that in 2020!”
As a starting point, here’s 3 areas you can look to:
Never Split the Difference - coverFinding something you’d like to accomplish in one of these should not be hard…

1. Your Health

Are you eating foods you know you shouldn’t?  Are you getting your workouts in?
Don’t wait for New Years.  Resolve to start taking better care of yourself right now and come January you’ll be laughing.  If you’re worried the Holidays will derail your plans – don’t be.  It doesn’t matter if you make a few mistakes … Just continue to work at it and make sure you get back on your plan when you fall off.
Setting some simple nutrition rules or a workout schedule to follow is a great place to start.

2. Your Relationships

Whether it’s making more time for your family, having important conversations, or reaching out to that friend you’ve been wanting to connect with … There’s always some relationship that can benefit from more attention.  Maybe you want to be more present when you’re at home … You could work on decreasing your screen time or stop replying to emails after 6pm.
Maybe it’s as simple as a weekly game night with your kids.  Whatever the case … If you make it a priority to show the people who matter most how important they are to you … You’re sure to end the year feeling positive.

3. Your Business

You’re a high performer.  You sprint for the finish line and you swing for the fences … There’s still time for that last home run.  Whether you’re ahead or behind on your profit goals for the year, there’s no reason you can’t have a record week next week …  Or why December can’t be your best month yet.  Set the challenges of 2020 aside and just focus 80% of your time and energy on Revenue Generating Activities (RGAs).
Sell, sell, sell.
It seems simple, but you’ll be blown away how powerful this laser focus truly is.
It’s been a heck of a year that’s for sure, one that will go down in history.
But you stood your ground like a lion.  You’ve grown stronger where others chose to crumble.  You’ve been resourceful when resources were lacking.  And your skills, leadership and resilience grow stronger every day.
You’re going to crush this next 6 weeks … And when you do, you’ll carry that momentum forward into 2021.  I believe in you.
Let’s goooooo!
To your success,
Craig Ballantyne
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