THIS Disease Is Worse For Men Than COVID

There is a new disease for men far more fatal than COVID.  What’s it called?


And you probably have a case of it just like I once did.  The only cure for me was to get no holds barred accountability from my coach and mentor who made me man up and do the things I said I would do … The things I had to do if I wanted to get to the next level.  So how do you know if YOU have this deadly illness?

Check for any of these symptoms…

– Missing meetings

– Cancelling phone calls

– Not being present with your family

– Missing workouts

– Hitting the snooze button

If these sound familiar and you’re not following through on the promises you make to others (or to yourself)…

Then you need the cure…

The only way to truly hold yourself to all your commitments is to have someone hold you accountable … Someone you do not want to disappoint.  One thing’s for sure — you know you can’t keep on struggling and trading your time for money.  As long as you’re doing that you’ll never have a real business.  Just a high paid job…

That’s what I call living in the “paycheck prison.”

But if you want to stop working IN your business and start working ON your business … You’ve GOT to follow through.  And the fastest way to bridge that gap quickly, without decades of stress and failure … is to get a mentor who can show you the way.  But how do you find the right mentor?  I recommend you look for 3 things…

1. Someone who has “been there and done that” — someone who has already achieved what you want to achieve.

They will set you on the right path because they know what needs to happen.  And they will keep you from going astray because they know which mistakes to make sure you avoid.

2. Someone who shares your morals, ethics, and values.

If you want to win at all costs, then it doesn’t really matter who you pick as long as they can get you there “somehow.”  There’s plenty of examples of this out there (Wolf of Wall Street comes to mind), but they tend to eventually fold like a house of cards because they operate unethically.  Shared values are just as important.  My client, Adam Pearson, picked me to mentor him not only because I could provide the result.  But also because he knew I supported his values of being present for his family, prioritizing health, and having plenty of time off to enjoy life.  As a result, Adam’s accounting firm has more than tripled revenue in the last year working with me … But MOST important Adam is healthier than ever and now takes Friday’s off to spend time with his wife and 3 little boys.  If you’re like most people and you value your family, your reputation, your health… and your freedom.  It’s important to find a mentor who can get you to the next level while respecting these things.

3. Someone with a solid reputation.

Don’t settle for just anyone who checks a couple of the boxes.  You want to make sure you choose a mentor who’s known to provide results.  Be sure to look for someone with experience and lots of client testimonials that detail specific results similar to what you’re hoping to achieve.  If someone can deliver results again and again for many different people, chances are they can do the same for you.


Someone like that will not only show you the path … But hold you accountable to doing the things that keep you on it.  And if you find yourself a mentor with all 3 of the qualifications above.  Then you’re in good hands … and you’re almost guaranteed to get massive results.

To Your Success,
Craig Ballantyne

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