The “Total Freedom” Myth

Over the years I’ve noticed there’s one big myth that holds people back from living a life of total freedom.

In fact, it’s so damaging that you can work your butt off and still be stuck in an unfulfilling job years later.

The myth I’m talking about is this…

“You can succeed online by yourself.”

You can’t.

In marketing inner circles, we call this “The Lone Wolf Myth.”

And believe me, if you bought into it, you can find yourself in uncharted waters.

It can make you feel frustrated, overwhelmed and annoyed.  Worse still, it can cripple your attempts to create a debt-free and stress-free life.

This myth has its roots in B.S. artists who teach you out-dated information.

Sometimes it comes from the so-called ‘gurus’ who have never earned a dollar outside of teaching how to make money online.

For so many people, The Lone Wolf Myth is the cause of their struggles.

In the end, the best thing you can do is discard this myth and connect with other like-minded people who crave freedom like you.

You can’t go wrong if you take this advice to heart.

You need to surround yourself with winners.  People that boost you up and help you out.  Something magical happens when you meet people like this.

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