The Top 10 WordPress Plugins Every Website Needs & Why

Do you already have a WordPress website?

If so you are in luck, cause I’m going to do a free training next week on plugins!

As you may know, one of the most flexible and exciting features of using WordPress is Plugins!  According to, there are 58,517 plugins (as of the time of this writing).  But if you are not a developer or coder, how do you know for sure which ones you need and why?

So I am giving a FREE live webinar this Thursday, May 27th, and I invite you to attend.

“The Top 10 WordPress Plugins Every Website Needs and Why”

Have a website?

Want to learn which plugins to use?

Then this webinar is for you!







During this 75 minute live webinar, I will show you…

    • The top 10 plugins you need for your WordPress website and why you need them.
    • How to evaluate a WordPress plugin and determine if you should install it on your website (or not).
    • How to determine if your plugin has become stale, and what to do.

And I will answer your questions live on the webinar and explain how you can get more WordPress coaching!

Go here to register now:



Christina Hill

Christina Hills

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P.S. Get registered now for the webinar so you don’t have to remember later:

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