The Marketer’s SUCCESS Checklist

Getting A New Rep Started & Successful

It’s so important that when you have a new teammate start with you that you get them off to a proper start.

This checklist will help you understand how to get a new teammate started.

You’re more than welcome to copy somebody’s and use them in your own process and make this your own.

Some of these steps are going to be relevant to your business and some of them might not and you might replace them with certain things your team does… regardless of the actual independent steps, it’s important to have the foundation pieces in place and a checklist for yourself so you don’t miss anything.

Let’s get into it… Set the time and place

  • Plug them into your Facebook Group
  • Plug them into your Facebook Chat
  • Send them their Getting Started Checklist
  • Find out their ‘Why’
  • Plug them into the Team Training
  • Set a meeting date for when they’ll complete the team training (24 hours)
  • Help them build a list of 10 people
  • Practice inviting and presenting with them (following the team process)
  • Show them how to do a three way Facebook Group Chat
    Holding Your iPhone
  • Show them how to sign up a new customer or teammate
  • Set a goal to expose those 10 people within the week
  • Help them buy a ticket to the next company event
  • Help them schedule the team calls on their calendar
  • Show them how to plug into ongoing training

This is a little checklist that I have for myself that sits on my desk with me so I don’t forget what to do with each new teammate (or customer) that comes on board.

When somebody’s new and just getting started, sometimes it can be really overwhelming because there’s so much to do in the beginning… this will keep everything simple along the way.

I suggest having a checklist that you use so you don’t forget to plug in each new customer or teammate.

Hope you found this checklist presentation helpful…

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