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Tanya circleMy name is Tanya Aliza and I’m so honored that our paths crossed.  I’m a big believer of ‘Everything Happens For A Reason’ and for some reason…. we were meant to connect.

I’m about to share with you some of my personal scripts that have worked very well for me and my students.

These scripts have helped me become the #3 Recruiter in my company and I’m excited for you to dive in and use them inside your Social Media Marketing efforts.

I’m going to keep this script book focused and centered around YOU, but if you’d like to learn more about my story and hear my students testimonials, you can visit me on my Blog at: www.TanyaAliza.com

But just so you know how powerful these scripts are if you put them in action, here’s what a student of mine shared recently.


They will only work if you throw your salesman (or woman) hat out the window!  The magic in these scripts comes from the authenticity in your personality.  I encourage you to edit these scripts to make them sound like YOU.

Use words that you normally use and keep it real.

As much as I love scripts, I also get freaked out about them, because if you just copy and paste someone else’s scripts, you run the risk of sounding weird or unauthentic, making the whole process break down.

Copy the layout and change up the words a little to match your personality!


On Social Media there are 3 different types of people that you’re going to be prospecting and showing your business to.


Your Warm Market are the people that know who you are.


These are people that you’ve randomly become friends with because you were lonely one night and you either friend requested them, out of the blue, or you accepted their creepy friend request from a lonely night that they were having.

Either way, Social Media says you’re friends, but you don’t really KNOW each other.


These are people you have not connected with at all, but for some reason, you think you’ll have more success, faster, with this freezing cold market.  I totally get it… I hear it all the time.

‘Tanya, I don’t want to talk to the people I know about my business.  I want to talk to complete strangers that have no idea who I am.’

#TotallySoundsEasier LOL

I’m not here to tell you what to do, except you SHOULD start with your Warm Market (oooops I am a little bossy)

The GOOD NEWS is these Scripts will work for all 3 of your markets!  Just tweak them a tad to entertain whomever it is that you’re messaging!

I call this method my Social Media Scripts That Convert.  Super catchy right?  Continue reading and I’ll break it all down for you.

This is a 3 Message Formula and you have to do it right for it to work.


×  Send any business links or information via a message (you’ll see why later)

×  Send any links in the first message

×  Send any links EVER!

You are a professional in your business and no BIG business deals go down via a chat message on Social Media.

That’s where they might start, but business deals are closed on the phone or on Skype.

This is how the professionals do it….


If anyone is telling you to send a bunch of unsolicited links out in messages or groups … STOP right now.

It’s making you look super tacky and unprofessional.  Rant Over 😉

3 Message Formula

You’re going to be sending a series of 3 different messages and you have to allow each message to work and serve its purpose.

Research BEFORE you send the first message.  Before you send the first message, I’m going to share with you, you want to pop over to the person’s profile that you’re going to message.

Your goal is to find out a bit about them.  You can do this easily by checking out their ‘About’ Section.

?  Do they look like someone you want to work with or have as a customer?

What do they currently do for work?

?  Where do they live?
    Hint: I like using their location to strike up a conversation!




The Goal of Message #1 is to strike up the conversation.  That’s it.  You want them interacting back with you.

So here’s something I would say:

“Hey John, what’s up?  I noticed we’re friends here on Facebook and we haven’t chatted for a while.  I noticed that your profile says that you’re living up in New York.  Is that correct?  You up in NY?”

So obviously this would be a message for someone that I haven’t chatted with or built a relationship with yet.

If I were talking to a friend that I know a little more, I might ask them what’s been keeping them busy these days to start the conversation.  Now you wait until they respond back.

DO NOT send Message #2 until they respond back.  What if they never respond back?  Still DO NOT send them message #2.




(ONLY send after you get a response back from Message #1)

The Goal of Message #2 is to see if your prospect is OPEN.  You want THEM to ask YOU for more information.

Here’s something I would say:

“That’s awesome John.  I visited New York for the first time last September and I loved it.  I was actually hoping you said you were still there because I have a business project that I’m expanding there.  I’m doing some networking in your neck of the woods … Would you at all be open to connecting more regarding a side income project, if it didn’t interfere with what you are already doing?”

Now you wait until they respond back.  DO NOT send Message #3 until they respond back.

What if they never respond back?  Still DO NOT send them message #3.

Note: If they say ‘What is it?’ refer to message #3.




(ONLY send after you get a response back from Message #2)

The Goal of Message #3 is to book an appointment via the PHONE or SKYPE.  Remember: You operate your business as a professional and you want to control the conversation and questions.  You have to do this via the phone or Skype, not the chat box on Social Media.

Here’s something I would say after they say that they’re open:

“That’s great.  Shoot me a few times that you’re free this week for about 15 minutes and can have access to the internet.  Tuesday and Thursday are the best for me if you can make something work either of those days.”

After they shoot you a few times:

“Okay, let’s schedule Tuesday at 4pm EST.  Here’s my number so you know who’s calling: (555) 555-5555.  What’s the best number to reach you at?”

After they send their digits:

“Great.  I’ve got you in my calendar for Tuesday at 4pm EST.  Pop me in your phone and set a reminder.  I’ve got a busy day that day, so I’ll assume you’re punctual with your appointments 🙂  Looking forward to connecting more.  Chat Tuesday!”

What if they ask what is it?  I never get into too many details EVER.  You loose control over the process if you deliver too much in a message.  So if they ask what it is, I’ll say something like this:

“I’d love to get into details over chat here, but it would be like giving a haircut over chat.  I wish I could, but it’s impossible.  I like to keep business a little more professional than a Social Media chat.  Do you have 15 minutes to connect more this week?”

Super Simple Right?!  I promise you, that if you follow this message flow when reaching out and connecting with people on Social Media, you’re going to have a fully filled appointment book with people that are interested and excited about what you have to offer.

You’ll also look way more professional!

Heres Your Homework




Step #1: Go out there and connect with people!

Step #2: Share your results on my Facebook Page.  I’d love to see how these messages are helping you.

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