Tailor Multiple Automated Campaigns For Different Incentives

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Tailor your automated emails for different incentives you offer with AWebers’ powerfully-simple Campaigns.

Do you offer multiple incentives to build your email list?

Don’t send the same automated emails to every new subscriber.  Instead, tag subscribers and tailor your automated welcome emails with the most relevant content.

Personalized welcome campaigns result in higher email open and click-through rates, build stronger connections with your subscribers, and generate more sales.

Watch this 8-minute video to learn how to tailor your automated campaigns based on different landing pages, sign up forms, and incentives.

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Here are the step-by-step instructions:

1.  Create more than one sign up form or landing page.

2.  Apply a different tag to each landing page or sign up form.

3.  Create different welcome campaigns that begin on each tag.

Pro tip #1: Once subscribers complete your various welcome campaigns, you can funnel them into a nurture campaign.  Watch this video to learn how.

Pro tip #2: Add custom fields to your sign up form and apply unique tags to gather additional information from your subscribers so you can personalize your emails even more.

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