Stop Feeling Nervous Or Awkward When Speaking With A Client?

Have you ever met a potential client you want to help, but 1 of these 2 things happen?

  1. You are so passionate and knowledgeable that they get overwhelmed
  2. You begin to feel shy and awkward, so the conversation isn’t as powerful as it could be

Before we understood how to balance the Fire Element (one of the 5 Elements of Heartselling™), we, (Jesse & I) were repelling clients left and right … even though we both believed we could help them get the results they wanted!

In today’s short video episode of Thrive TV, I (Sharla) will walk you through what your Fire Element looks like when it’s balanced.  This helps potential client practically talk themselves into working with you.

Imagine having the confidence to talk to anyone who would benefit from your work, and they leave the conversation feeling fully heard, understood and cared for … when your Fire Element is balanced, you can instantly connect with anyone and they’ll feel that love and care … then most likely energetically lean in and want to work with you.

We need a plan to get you there, okay?  And that’s what today’s short video is all about.  [Watch it right now below!]  Sharla & Jesse are here for you, and we all believe it is your time to help more people.


Sharla remembers going to networking events … feeling shy and awkward … not knowing how to connect.  She would run into the bathroom and do this practice to get her Fire Element balanced out.  Then she could go back into the room and speak with confidence (without being pushy).

Jesse Sharla

P.S. Even though we can’t go to networking events right now, watching today’s video will help you get into “your Fire” online and on the phone, so people feel your heart, lean in, and say yes.




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