Releasing Approval Seeking Behavior

Do you require approval from others?

90% of people would answer no.  But, over my 23+ years of owning a coaching business, I can tell you that over 50% of people subconsciously do require approval from other people.  They may not know it, but approval keeps their moral high.

In a raised level of consciousness, approval is secondary to production.  Approval does nothing EXCEPT feed the egoic mind, or the left brain.  You see, there is no payoff for approval.  When people get jealous, it is because they are jealous of the approval that someone else is receiving.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  It is great to receive approval for your hard work.  Maybe you’re the top salesperson in your company for the month, so you win employee of the month.  Or your boss tells you to keep up the good work.  Sure, it feels good. Golden Mastermind

When you get to a place where approval doesn’t matter, where you constantly want to assist people to get better, and where you’re motivated by the good energy you’re putting into the world rather than recognition or approval, you will be successful.

It’s in this energy where you will see dramatic changes in your business.  People will come to you and in-fact show you more approval than if you were searching for it.

This skill takes years to master.  You will bounce back and forth from requiring approval to producing in a relaxed body without it.  The more practice you have, you will eventually master how to produce with no recognition at all.  It won’t even cross your mind because your main goal is to assist others to succeed.  It is no longer about you.  It’s about the experiences you obtain and the people you assist to change along the way.

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–Jeffery Combs

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