Predictions For 2021 (My Mentor’s) Pt.2

Tuesday was my lucky day!  I had a meeting with my mentor, Mark Ford.

It always puts a smile on my face to see Mark in his office … sitting in his old leather chair, surrounded by books, and listening to his war stories from building so many great businesses over the years.
While I wasn’t able to visit him in-person down in Delray Beach… (one of my favorite little beach towns in America) … the magic of Zoom allowed us to connect almost as if I were there.  Mark showed me where ETR was missing out on sales and marketing opportunities, while making me laugh several times along the way.
But perhaps the best feedback came from Mark’s son Michael, a burgeoning copywriter, who told us we needed to improve our copy’s BIG idea … And that we also needed a better series of follow-up emails to our new customers.  Mark also shared how to prepare for the new year.

 “Each year I ask all my mentees to predict how their businesses will do.
And I always ask for three plans: one that is realistic, one that is optimistic, and one that is pessimistic.
More often than not, the outcome is halfway between realistic and pessimistic.”

It was one of the best conversations I’ve had all year … right up there with my recent “predictions podcast” with another one of my mentors, Bedros Keuilian.

(which you can listen to here)

Now although that was a bit over a month ago … Our politically incorrect predictions for the new year haven’t changed.  So today I have Pt 2 for you, of “Craig’s Predictions for 2021.”  THIS is what we think will happen next…

6.     Money Will Be Made By Masters of High Income Video Skills

Every single multi-millionaire I know uses video to make money these days … So spend at least two hours per week on this high-income skill.  If you want to get good fast… triple that.  Need help?  Grab my Social Story Selling program here… it’ll reveal my 5×5 content grid that will give you killer ideas for standing out from the crowd.

7.     “Leadership Will Be Your Problem, Leadership Will Be the Solution”

That’s a direct quote from Bedros’ book, ManUp.
We found this out the hard way.  When we were poor, passive-aggressive leaders, our businesses failed and we suffered massive anxiety.  But the more time, energy, and effort that Bedros and I put into our leadership skills…
The more money we make.  This is not a coincidence.  Adjust your attitude and calendar accordingly.

8.     If Your Values & Vision Drive Every Decision, You Will Have More Success & Less Stress

Don’t go chasing another person’s dreams… you’ll only end up with a nightmare.  Know what you will do – and not do – for success.  Use cut-off times to create boundaries for your work and keep it from bleeding into your personal life.  Then harness the power of Public Accountability by making your intentions known, so you’re forced to follow through with them.  When you do this, you protect energy and time for what matters in your life.

9.     If You Say NO, You Will Be Able to Achieve Great Things

The less you do, the more you will make.  I know it seems counterintuitive … But you will become great at what matters, by eliminating time spent on what doesn’t.  Be ruthless with your time and strengthen your “NO” muscles.  BTW, Bedros and I are taking our own advice … And we are SHUTTING down the Empire Mastermind (a $500K a year revenue stream) to focus on building our 8-figure businesses.

10.  You Must Be Accountable to Someone You Deeply Do Not Want to Disappoint

Every morning one of my most successful coaching clients and I exchange accountability texts.  His name is Joel Marion and he went from a broke, struggling schoolteacher in 2009 (when he first hired me) to running a 9-figure supplement company, BioTrust, today.  Joel and I are accountability buddies… helping each other improve our weaknesses… one day at a time.
Similarly, I text Bedros with business updates weekly for accountability and feedback, and I email Mark Ford every Wednesday morning for advice.  Plus my team and clients – and YOU, my readers – hold me accountable as well.  If you don’t have accountability partners…
You risk falling behind and getting brought down by the toxicity of TV, temptations, and negative talk.   Your mind is like a garden, plant GOOD things from your accountability partners!

That’s it my friend. And the last one might be the most important.  Now as you can see, a lot of our predictions apply to both good times and bad … So review regularly, and you’ll stay on track to your big goals and dreams.  THAT is how you’ll dominate in your business and life through 2021 and beyond.

To your success,
Craig Ballantyne

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