Personal Invite To Miami

Hey, I’m holding a 1-day Mastermind in Miami on May 1st and wanted to invite you to that … details below.  But first I wanted to answer some great questions that have been coming in from readers recently … I know these will help you too.

Q: “Craig, I’ll get right to it… Your recent YouTube video on how to quit drinking hit me hard.  I’m drinking too much and it’s hurting my family. Help.”

This Answer Comes From My Friend and Client Mike H. in Canada:

“Craig, coming from someone who has struggled with binge drinking, but was able to overcome it…

Tell your clients that struggle the same message I used to tell myself when beating the booze:

“Don’t romanticize about the start of the night… recognize the struggle of the next day.”

Q: “Craig, my inbox is becoming a nightmare… how can I control it?”

My Answer:

Your assistant has to take this over.  That’s step #1.

The second step is delaying all responses by 48 hours… that trains other people to email you less.

The third thing is to send less email.  Only reply if necessary.   Fourth, add NNTR … no need to reply.  That will reduce responses.

Just doing these 4 things you’ll notice a difference — I promise.

Q: “Craig, my procrastination is at record levels… I’ve re-done and re-read my vision and nothing is helping… my work is piling up.  Help!”

My Answer:

You are running from something… your Greatness.  This happens to all entrepreneurs when we go through a dip.

The comfort of complacency lulls us into dormancy… and we don’t do anything.

But this comfort that consoles us is also what kills us.  You need to shock your system with the voices of your role models.

Step #1 – ManUp

Re-read ManUp from Bedros Keuilian and put it on your audiobook playlist daily.

Step #2 – Get Relentless

Then do the same with Relentless from Tim Grover.  No more waiting, hesitating or procrastinating.

You were given too many gifts and too much opportunity to not do anything at all.

Q: “Why are you, Michelle, and Daisy staying in Florida until July?”

Well, first, we LOVE it here.

Second, Canada is a mess with COVID.  Cases are skyrocketing.  And if we returned we would have to quarantine in a hotel and pay thousands of dollars on tests & hotels.

And third… and perhaps most important…

There’s so much more value to meeting people in person here in America…

I’ve had so many incredibly valuable meetings – that could NEVER have been replicated on Zoom or Facetime.

I’ve met with…

– My copywriter Austin in Denver where we filmed a VSL that will give our business a huge bump in profits…

– My business partner Matt Smith at his ranch in Colorado

– My good friend Joel Marion… who told me amazing insider stories about his private coaching session with Tony Robbins

– The Real Brad Lea in Vegas… where he interviewed me for an Epic Podcast and invited me to coach his clients (which wouldn’t have happened if we didn’t do it face-to-face)

– Marc Megna, the owner of the amazing Anatomy Gym in Miami (where I’ll be spending two hours every day training and cold plunging in their 40 degree Fahrenheit private pool)

– Good ol’ Bedros Keuilian … we filmed a killer podcast on what WE would do if we were the Presidents of the United States… keep an eye out for that one!

Plus — I have even more valuable meetings coming up…

I have a Mastermind meeting here on May 1st…

I’m doing a speaking engagement in Nashville…

And we’re taking a quick trip to Costa Rica in May where I’ll see some clients…

Connection is KEY when you are committed to constant and never-ending improvement in business and in life.

Which is the same reason YOU need to be at my 1-day in-person event in Miami on May 1st.

I’ll be teaching you sales, marketing, productivity, and leadership, while doing custom 30-minute hot seats with each attendee…

AND facilitating money making networking (the crazy hidden value no one realizes until it’s sitting in their bank account).

Here’s what I mean by that…

Just one introduction I made at last month’s in-person Mastermind will make my clients over $20K this year – without ANY extra work.


If you’re interested in attending just Reply Back to this email with the word “MIAMI” and we’ll get you all the details.

Don’t wait though — the final seats are going fast.

At this point, every second counts.

So if you want to join an elite group of like minded entrepreneurs … and pour rocket fuel into your business in beautiful Miami…

Just hit that reply button and let me know 😉

See you soon!
Craig Ballantyne

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