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Let me shed some light on how I used leads to recruit about 800 people personally over the years.

I have also recruited over 800 through my warm market and other ways of meeting people.  But calling leads of people who answered an ad about a home based gig to earn from home DID create great recruitment to my team.

Let me first acknowledge the elephant in the room.  Some people dislike buying opportunity leads because most of the people are broke and don’t seem super smart.  There are some diamonds to be found, but you have to be willing to dig through a lot of dirt to find them.  This lead-calling method should never be your sole source of recruiting, it will burn you out if this is all you do.  The business won’t be fun.  I recommend that people use these leads as a SUPPLEMENT, maybe 10% of your time recruiting through them.  There are plenty of other ways to connect with new people on social media where you can find people you have something in common with, and can vibe with them first.  joel-mbugua-zymEKjkWyFU

I would say if you have $100 a month you want to invest in some leads, and you call maybe 3-4 a day, maybe you can generate an extra 1-2 recruits a month this way.  Place those recruits under people on your team, launch them the usual way with your system and get to their warm market immediately.

One of the benefits having access to buy leads is that you have an unlimited supply of prospects.  This will give you more posture when talking to any prospects you have.  When you only have a small number of prospects, you tend to come across as desperate to convince them to join.  But when you have a constant flow of people, you will have more at the attitude that you’ve got something great that THEY NEED, and you come across less needy.

You can also hone your communication skills faster when you can talk to more people faster.  You clean out the cobwebs and get a better feel for how to come across to people to get their attention and truly connect with their WHY.

If someone has gone through their warm market several times over and is at a dead end, buying some leads will keep them in the game until they get some traction in their business.  So leads are useful, just don’t fall into the trap that it’s your main way to pursue building your team.

Sooooo…. There is going to be a massive recruiting explosion this week, with many of us attending Eric Worre’s GoPro 7-Day Recruiting Challenge. Check it out at

Because of this laser focus on recruiting for the next 7 days, the lead source I use is giving a 25% more free leads on any order of any lead type.  Go to and use code 7DAY to get this deal.  For example, if you order 100 leads, you’ll get 125.  If you order 50, you’ll get 62.  Maybe you can use some extra prospects during this recruiting challenge and ensure you’ve got great posture when approaching any prospects you drum up.

Have a huge week!  Recruit at least ONE new team member by Thursday!  You’ve got this!

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