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The other day I told you about my buddy Russell Brunson’s experience with my book The Perfect Day Formula … And how he “Craigified” his mornings to get focused work done first thing.

He used to stay up ’til 2AM for no real reason … Then wake up at 8AM to the sound of his five kids tearing around the house.

So he wound back his sleep time to 10 pm, which allowed him to get up at 5AM … Giving him two hours of highly productive, focused work time from 5 – 7AM.

Russell figured out what change he had to make to fit this new habit into his lifestyle.

And he took action to make it work.

Listen, if there’s one thing I’ve learned through my years… it’s this:

Success leaves clues.

So look at guys like Russell as a model and replicate their methods in your own life whenever possible … What changes can YOU make to fit better habits into your lifestyle today?

Maybe you like staying up until 1, 2, or 3 AM watching Netflix, playing video games, or scrolling social … Maybe you enjoy having one-too-many drinks with your friends on the weekend … Or maybe you find yourself driving hard to get a project done, working away on it late into the night.

But ask yourself … Are these habits necessary?  Are they helping me or holding me back?

An even better question would be … Do my habits move me closer to my vision or further away?

Sure … What do you gain when you give up (or at least reduce) the Netflix, booze, and late nights at the office?

And what are you really giving up?

Sure… you might miss out on the latest “must watch” show.

But if you’re getting up feeling focused, energized, and ready to attack YOUR goals?

Isn’t that worth being out of touch with the entertainment zeitgeist?

By determining what truly serves you vs. what’s just a distraction …  You can then start to eliminate the obstacles and stumbling blocks from your life.

Making success simpler, easier, and more automatic.

I know it might sound simple … But it’s one of the most overlooked and most powerful ways to accelerate your success and live the life you want.

So pick just ONE habit to eliminate or reduce over the next few days.

And let me know how your life changes as a result.

To your success,
Craig Ballantyne

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