Man Drinks Toilet Water, Makes Millions

A few years ago a British guy walked into a bathroom at LAX and started drinking from the toilet.

I knew this man, he’s a friend of mine named Ian Stanley.

Now before you go making up your mind that Ian’s some whack-job-lunatic, let me explain what was going on.

Ian is a brilliant marketer.

At the time he owned a company that sold water purification systems…

Including a portable water bottle with a filter so effective it could remove ALL contaminants from a water sample.

Even the water from a toilet at one of the busiest airports in the world … Which Ian had to wait in line to use drink from (ewww).

But he believed in his product and he knew the filter would purify the water 100%.

He also knew drinking toilet water was a good idea.

… if he filmed a video and used it as a Facebook ad for his products.

Because Ian understands marketing.

He lives and breathes (and drinks) it.  What does this mean for you?  No, I’m not suggesting you drink toilet water … I’m suggesting you develop a “6th sense” when it comes to marketing your business.

Learn everything you can about your customers and your market.

And just learn everything you can about marketing in general.

What appeals to your audience?  What grabs people’s attention?  Ian knows these things very well.  Partly from growing his own companies … And also from running the marketing for countless others and having his promotions seen by millions of people.

That’s just one of many reasons I recommend checking out Ian’s book:
Confessions of a Persuasion Hitman

The guy’s sold millions of dollars in products and services (over one hundred million since just 2014) … He’s one of the best marketers and copywriters around today…

And people pay him anywhere from $1500 for a single email, right up to $100k+ to engineer their marketing funnels.

Ian packs a ton of his knowledge and marketing insights into this book … It’s probably the most valuable read you’ll have all year.  And whether you have zero experience with marketing and writing copy, OR you’ve been around the block a few times … “Confessions” contains simple but powerful tactics anyone can use to turbocharge their business results.

A few nuggets you’ll find inside:

  • How to combine short term cash flow with long-term recurring revenue… The Secret to Turning One Sale into Countless Sales
  • Rule #5: You’re always selling a feeling… How to use the 8 Core Emotions to get people to buy
  • The One Sentence that can make or break any sales message
  • PLUS… A Short Story to Prove Time and Money Are Not Related, $5k in 30 Seconds

This book will make you laugh, but most importantly it’ll make you think.

And it’ll also make you a boatload of money if you use what’s inside.

To your success,
Craig Ballantyne

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