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If you’re running Facebook ads right now…

Then you’re experiencing a big problem:

Rising costs + increased competition = little to no profits!

All of my clients come to me to solve this problem.  One of them is Christopher Sutton.  He’d been hovering around break even with his Facebook ads before working with me.  Profiting one day, losing money the next.  It was an up and down income rollercoaster making him want to vomit!

After reviewing his campaigns, funnels and offers…

We determined a new ad strategy would be the way to fix this issue.  And create the consistent daily profits Christopher was craving.  Just got a message from him the other day.

To tell me that using this new ad strategy has produced 27 days in a row of profit – averaging about $1,000/day!  Here’s the crazy part:

He’s doing this for the FIRST time in his business – when others are complaining about losing their shirts!  Imagine what that would look like for you.

Waking up each day with $1,000+ of profit in your bank account.  During the most competitive and costly time of the year to advertise!

Christopher credits it all to the new ad strategy I gave him.  He even sent me this chart to show how much his profit keeps growing as he is using this new ad strategy.

Jason Hornungs Screenshot

Here’s where it gets even better:

This new strategy does NOT rely on Facebook alone!


I shot a video to walk you through the entire strategy. (tomorrow!)

Nothing is held back as I reveal how it works.

Here’s the “catch”:

It’s going to be up for just a few days.


Two reasons:

1) I wanted to help you to get an advantage on the competition.
2) I don’t want this to get in the hands of everyone as it dilutes the effectiveness

So if you’d like to hit $1,000+ profit days with your ads – WITHOUT relying on Facebook…

Then you should check out Jason’s Blog now!

To the victor belongs the spoils,

Jason Hornung
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