Learning To Forgive Yourself

With Global Forgiveness Day right around the corner, we thought this would be an opportune time to talk about forgiveness.  But we’re not talking about forgiving others, a somewhat basic human concept that we learn to give and ask for at an early age.

We’re talking about forgiving ourselves.  In other words, turning the concept of forgiveness inward.  Take a moment to say this out loud: I forgive myself.

Now, say it again, and this time, be a little more specific: I forgive myself for feeling guilty . . . unworthy . . . impatient . . . shameful . . . afraid . . . embarrassed.

How does that feel?

You see, you, too, are worth of forgiveness, and forgiving yourself may very well set you free.  It may not be immediate, but over time, if you keep saying it (and meaning it), it can continue to free you from the shackles of feelings of unworthiness, past mistakes and guilt – which have likely built up over the years.

When you forgive yourself, you set yourself free.  You give yourself permission to gain confidence.  You step out of the prison of fear and anxiety.

And when you do that, you can also:

Forgive others in a more loving way.  At times, we are all broken.  When you have compassion for others, you grant them the chance to try again, without judgement, which is vital to promoting the cycle of forgiveness.  Whether they fully grasp the gift now or 15 years down the road, you can rest knowing you’ve done what you can.  They must take it from here and learn to forgive themselves.

Share what forgiving yourself looks like and the freedom it can bring.  When you realize the power of self-forgiveness, you’ll want to share it with friends, coworkers, family and even strangers on the street.  When we give ourselves the gift of forgiveness, we’re not escaping responsibility or the impact we may have had on ourselves or others.  In fact, when we forgive, we’re honoring this responsibility, and we’re owning the lessons that come with.  We’re simply letting go of the feelings of self-doubt, shame, unworthiness and guilt, which can be severe hindrances.

Send love and peace to yourself, and it will become easier to radiate that love and peace to the world.  Only good things can come from this open-arms acceptance of our own humanness.  Live authentically, be free, shine your light and love others just the same.

To You,
Change That Up!

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