Know Your Market (Yourself)

What are you looking for?  Have you ever took the time to ask yourself that?

So many of my clients say “I have this one person that said they might join so I’m going to follow up 8 times until they join and become a millionaire with me.”

This isn’t how selling works.  The fortune is 100% not in the follow-up.  People will join you when you become the leader that they are looking for.  You don’t have time to follow up with people.  You require people who can produce with no instruction.  They have the hunger where they don’t require a leader.  Does this mean you don’t lead them?  Absolutely not.  But you require independent success seekers in your business.

People will be attracted to you when you’re in-the-flow.  You become so confident in what you’re doing that it radiates off of you.  People can feel your energy after the first sentence you say to them.  You have to able to appeal to the conscious and unconscious side of people.

When you give off the energy like you “need” someone, you will attract codependent, overwhelmed people.  These people typically will never produce and require someone to hold their hand through any sales process.  “Need” is a word that you want to eliminate from your vocabulary.  This is a word of desperation.  Instead use “commit.”

In my 20s, I was very angry.  I had a huge chip on my shoulder.  This led to the alienation of people that I actually wanted to attract.  I had so much resentment from my childhood.  I later learned that sharing my past led to real relationships.  Keeping my emotions bottled up led to anger and hostility that radiated off of me.  I was exhausted and I was an addict.  I tried to numb the pain.

People will be attracted to you through your attractiveness.  You have inner beauty and outer beauty.  Have you ever met someone that had outer beauty but the longer you knew them they became uglier because of their lack of inner beauty?  THIS IS BUSINESS.  If you’re not clear who you are, you will never be able to attract what you deserve.  You will never be able to portray your inner beauty.

Remember, everything I have talked about has been about YOU.  But, these concepts can all be applied to the people you want on your team.  You want to work with people that have inner beauty, that aren’t overwhelmed, that don’t have a chip on their shoulder, that have more time to learn to make excuses, that have great energy that you can feel being in their presence, and that are COMMITTED to what they are doing.  When you know what you are looking for, you also start to become what you are looking for.

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