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Empire Builders Vault next HALF DAY BOOTCAMP announcement!

It’s time to get together for our next half day together.  As you know, ONLY Empire Builder Vault members get access to this session for free.  Anyone else who wants to participate must pay $200.  This is just one of the many perks you have.

Over the last 3 months, I have paid close attention to what problems networkers are experiencing in their business so that I can share solutions during this bootcamp.  For example, are you having trouble keeping your team focused and productive right now during the summer?  Are you seeing the shift where people are wanting to do business in person instead of strictly on Zooms?  Do you find that the ways you used to prospect aren’t working as well and you want some fresh ideas?  We will talk through all sorts of issues like these during the session!

Make plans to participate.

==> Saturday, August 14th – 11amET – 3pmET


We will also do some prize giveaways!!!!

If you want to attend the 4-hour bootcamp session, join the Vault at www.EmpireBuildersVault.com

The amount of value you’ll get as a member is massive.  It can mean the difference between struggling in network marketing and thriving.  Invest in yourself, and let me more deeply mentor you.  Give me the next 12 months with you and see what happens to your income.

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